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Found 9 results

  1. This indicator is written by VTL. The indicator is a trend following indicator. This is momentum-type indicator so you know how to buy or sell in the right time. You can use it to catch moving in trend market.May be in range market it is not good to use. The indicator use Stochastic, RSI to generate signal. This indicator uses Stochastic with periods 8,3,3 and RSI 3 cross RSI 13. it use a confirmation trend macd cross zero. If both are crossing together then you will shall view the signal to open position so you just need to open position. You can set sl to arrow of signal in the chart. And you can close position when you look opposite signal. While use the indicator you can look two messages in left of chart. condition still good : it mean market momentum is keeping to right direction. so, you can keep position while you can look this messages. overbought,,dont op but take profit : when market is overbouth or oversold, you can look this messages. it is good time to take profit or start trailling to keep profit. please use it avobe 30min time frame to catch good moving. EnhancedMACD.zip
  2. // RSI Divergence TrendLine // Author: MARKPLEX Code Divergence // http://markplex.com/tutorial4.php // version: 1.0 // Author: aaa // version: 2.0 // Date: 20100501 // added: // divergence on top + // Line.Color.Top + Line.Color.Bot + Line.Size + Plot.RSI in inputs // Author: aaa // version: 2.01 // Date: 20100515 // added: // Alert + Line.Offset in inputs *********************** MACD Divergence TrendLine Here http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/f46/macd-divergence-trendline-7845.html MACD Divergence TrendLine Indicator (Only 4 Multicharts) Here http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/f46/macd-divergence-trendline-7845.html#post95841 ********************* Sto Divergence TrendLine Here http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/f46/stochastic-divergence-trendline-7244.html ********************** Nota Bene RSI Divergence TrendLine Indicator.pla works ONLY with Multicharts RSI DIVERGENCE TRENDLINE.ELD RSI Divergence TrendLine.pla RSI Divergence TrendLine.txt RSI Divergence TrendLine Indicator.pla
  3. Hi, This follows from the RS- Internal thread. I have been able to code the classic divergences to a satisfactory level without a future looking formula. The peculiarity of this method is that it detects a divergence before the second consecutive peak/trough actually occurs on chart (anticipatory discovery). This eliminates the huge lag in decision making caused by waiting to confirm the second peak/trough. See this chart: Most codes that I've seen around either use a future looking formula like zig-zag and/or wait for the confirmation of second peak/trough. By the time the second consecutive pivot is confirmed, market has already moved away by few bars. In V-shaped pivots, the move is already over if one goes by the traditional way of comparing two peaks on prices vs. an oscillator. More charts: BTW, the 'advanced' word in title is more of a cliche; the strategy is actually basic (conceptual); i.e. mark opportunity when a stock seems to move lower while it's internal relative strength actually increases. I will be calling some signals live in this thread, so it will also serve the purpose of a journal, to improve the strategy.
  4. Hi! I have found a very nice and supporting indicator for MetaTrader. If anyone can convert the indi to work in Global Zen Trader platform (the platform allows import of easylanguage and C# code). The indi detects traditional divergence of price and RSI indicator and plots an arrow in the indicator window and also sets a sound alert. The indicator also detects hidden divergences. Please have a look at the indicator and see how it works. Personally I use it to time position in the trend direction after a pullback. Sincerely Adam RSI_Divergence_v2.mq4
  5. I am trying to duplicate an indicator, but not having much luck on my own. The attached picture shows it all: 1. The red histogram is the indicator I would like to match. 2. The cyan line is a straight 9-bar RSI from TS. (normalized and set around midpoint of 50 to show + and -) The question: What am I missing? The baseline RSI looks correct, but what else needs to be added to achieve the correct levels on each bar? Ideas? I don't need a hard coding answer - just some experience from you guys to show me where to look. What can I do to modify the RSI to match the original levels along with the same basic structure of the RSI? Another RSI? Linear Regression? (tried several versions of those already) In your collective knowledge of indicators, which direction should I head to try? Note: One of the inputs to the original is 45 and I have verified that for the first 45 bars of a chart, this indicator will not display in TS. Backstory: To make a long story short, I have a purchased, proprietary set of indicators. I would like to make a TS strategy using these indicators for backtesting and potentially automated trading. The developer refuses to make it a function or to open it up, and hand entering trades is a royal pain. I already have reversed all of the other indicators, just this one is left. Just need a little help to get my strategy working. Thanks!
  6. Tidal Wave (EasyLanguage) this indicator measures the velocity of the slow stochastic it will turn before the stoch turns it will show divergence before MACD does in the illustration, I have included the slow stochastic for your comparison. enjoy! TidalWave_beta_01.txt
  7. Tams


    ARSI ARSI is a Moving Average with reduced lag. RSI is used to "weigh" the moving average value, resulting in a line that closely hug the price value. This indicator was described by Perry Kaufman in his book "New Trading Systems and Methods" note: This EasyLanguage indicator was written in MultiCharts. I have not tested it in other compatible programs. You should import the function first, then the indicator. For addition assistance, please refer to your users manual for importation instructions. Your comments and rating of this indicator is appreciated. ARSI_(MultiCharts).pla function_ARSI.txt indicator_ARSI.txt
  8. CMI - Chande Momentum Indicator Also known as CMO - The Chande Momentum Oscillator. The Chande Momentum Indicator was created by Tushar Chande and is described in his book The New Technical Trader. The Chande Momentum Indicator is closely related to the Relative Strength Index. It differs from RSI and Stochastics by using information from both up and down days. It is similar to RSI and Stochastics that you are looking for overbought and oversold signals. The overbought level is at +50 and the oversold level at -50. These levels approximate the 70/30 levels on the Relative Strength Index. The CMI is also useful to spot trends, used in a similiar manner as the Vertical Horizontal Filter (VHF). The higher the Chande Momentum Indicator the stronger the trend. Buy when a long period CMI crosses above the short period moving average of the CMI. Sell at the converse. Chande Momentum Indicator (MultiCharts).pla
  9. I have read numerous counts of articles about RSI. I also did a search on google about this indicator. So far I have received two opinions. Some claim that this indicator is stupid. Others claim a simple strategy using the RSI is highly profitable with the correct money management. For example, one post I read was watching for a higher low, higher RSI, and a MACD crossover. This is supposed to be a high probability trade. Any comments or thoughts on this?
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