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  1. Actually, I did manage to figure it out - and learned a good bit in the process! It is actually a straight 45-bar CCI. When I get the time, I need to sit down and figure out the math relationships between RSI and CCI - they look to be pretty coordinated but different levels!
  2. I am trying to duplicate an indicator, but not having much luck on my own. The attached picture shows it all: 1. The red histogram is the indicator I would like to match. 2. The cyan line is a straight 9-bar RSI from TS. (normalized and set around midpoint of 50 to show + and -) The question: What am I missing? The baseline RSI looks correct, but what else needs to be added to achieve the correct levels on each bar? Ideas? I don't need a hard coding answer - just some experience from you guys to show me where to look. What can I do to modify the RSI to match the original levels along with the same basic structure of the RSI? Another RSI? Linear Regression? (tried several versions of those already) In your collective knowledge of indicators, which direction should I head to try? Note: One of the inputs to the original is 45 and I have verified that for the first 45 bars of a chart, this indicator will not display in TS. Backstory: To make a long story short, I have a purchased, proprietary set of indicators. I would like to make a TS strategy using these indicators for backtesting and potentially automated trading. The developer refuses to make it a function or to open it up, and hand entering trades is a royal pain. I already have reversed all of the other indicators, just this one is left. Just need a little help to get my strategy working. Thanks!
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