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  1. Lisa


    Funny... seems okay to me.
  2. Thank you for the good information
  3. I highly recommend starting off with more risk capital. If $1000 is all you can afford to open an account, you're chances are close to zero in succeeding.
  4. When studying price movements, can the same strategies be applied to both an uptrending market and a downtrending market? Does anyone use different strategies when going long or short?
  5. Very true! Trading is probably the only advanced career that literally anybody can step into without the proper training. This makes it harder than most profession that requires higher education. So be prepared newtrader! Success in trading takes alot of work especially because you are on your own. Good luck.
  6. Have you done a search in this forum? There are plenty of good threads, charts, and videos on the opening gap. Go to Search and type in "Gap" or "Opening Gap".
  7. I like to use moving average clusters. They work fairly well on 5 minute charts. I also analyze volume. I will take a look at the last 5 days of trading action and if I see high volume spikes with a price reversal, I will mark those levels as significant.
  8. Here's the link for the trading terms. http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/derivatives/83-trading-terms-tony-crabel-nr7-ws7-etc.html#post101
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