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  1. Thank you for the recommendation. It looks like focus, concentration, and dedication is required to reach such levels.
  2. With experience traders build intuition of the markets. They are able to understand market action, sense strength and weakness, and anticipate market movements through intuition. This seems to be the ultimate level in trading. My question is: How long does it take to develop such intuition? How can one achieve this ultimate level? Thank you.
  3. I have read alot about trading the opening gap. I have also noticed that they tend to close the same day majority of the time. To learn this strategy, what will I need to look for? Should I fade at the open? What is the percentages of success? I do not normally trade the first 15 minutes but will be interested in applying a new tactic.
  4. Mentorships, seminars, and classes are too pricey for me. Any other alternatives ?
  5. Anyone familiar with trading gurus or overpriced seminars? I did a search on google and was suprised to see how expensive trading lessons can be. A 3 day workshop can cost over $3000. Is it really worth the money? I sense that the so called gurus are just ripped people off who are not familiar with even the basics of trading. Any opinions on this? Thank you
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