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  1. Do you mind if I ask how long it took you to trade successfully? If a trader spends 2-3 years and can not seem to be profitable, would you recommend him to stop trading? I am curious to know if trading can be learned or is it talent. If it is something that I can be good at through time and hard work I am willing to go all the way. However, if talent is a big factor in trading I may need to reconsider this field. I read that the failure rate is incredibly high. Why is this?
  2. How much risk capital does an average newbie blow before he starts to make money?
  3. I would like to know how one can determine if the breakout is legit or false. I have been caught plenty of times buying a false breakout just to be stopped out seconds after my entry. Is there a way to know before hand if the breakout will be valid? I would also like to know trading strategies to play breakouts. Thank you
  4. Is it better to apply the same set of moving averages to all my timeframes? I use a 5min, 15min, and 60 min chart.
  5. I am looking to trade the dollar on a 5 minute timeframe. Can anyone recommend a set moving averages that I can use? Do I need to use a shorter moving average for a shorter time frame? Or does this not matter at all? Thanks
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