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  1. ant, I have a question regarding market breadth since you mentioned it. Has it been effective in your trading? I used to watch the AD line but did not find it any help. What market breadth indicators have helped you in your trading? Thanks
  2. It won't hurt to learn a couple though. Trying to trade 100 stocks on your radar screen is tough but I know some traders that do. Just learn a handful of different markets. That way, you can always move towards where the action is.
  3. ah, every traders journey. I am sure we can all look back to the steps we took to develop as a trader. Precise and to the dot.
  4. I took a free trial for JC's trading room. The way they teach market internals are excellent but they keep tweaking their indicators that its never ending. I do recommend it though for new traders.
  5. 1. Cutting my losses 2. Riding my winners 3. Protecting my capital 4. Knowing when to call it a day 5. Follow your rules 6. Obey the markets: she is always right
  6. Just ran across this cool forum. I scalp stocks mainly. Will be looking forward to alot of trading discussions. Regards, scalper101
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