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  1. aaa

    TS Help

    Hello 05-12-11 TS 9.0 LRCHAN.ELD => without Method ( the one I need now ) from 07/14/11 MarkSanDiego Convert function DrawLRChan to a local Method for greater efficiency and to avoid passing large numbers of parameters to function. 13-08-05 TS 9.1 LRCHAN.ELD => with method ( the one U've posted ) I need 2 have both releases 2 understand how he did the conversion 2 (try 2...) understand the method logic. it should B hard w/o help file... :missy: I'm not a coder, all I know comes from learning the coders' works ThanX so much BlueHorse, U make a lot 2 help us aaa more great faster functions here http://hightick.com/Tips.html
  2. aaa

    TS Help

    Hi bluehorse So, TS help is no longer available offLine from 9.1 :=( What about 9.0 ? :=) Is anyone has a 9.0 release on his computer and able 2 check it ? Would U mind 2 open the eld attached compiled with TS9 + 9.1 from MarkSanDiego ( a great EL programmer) and 2 copy both functions + indics in 4 seperates texte files and post them ? best regards aaa ********************************* Software release history TradeStation 3.0 (January 1993) TradeStation 4.0 TradeStation 5.0 alias TradeStation 2000i (February 1999) TradeStation 6.0 TradeStation 7.0 TradeStation 7.1 TradeStation 7.2 TradeStation 8.0 TradeStation 8.1 TradeStation 8.2 TradeStation 8.3 (June 2007) TradeStation 8.4 (October 2008) TradeStation 8.5 (February 2009) TradeStation 8.6 (April 2009) TradeStation 8.7 (December 2009) TradeStation 8.8 (October 2010) TradeStation 9.0 (October 2010) TradeStation 9.1 (November 2011) ********************************************* 07/14/11 Convert function DrawLRChan to a local Method for greater efficiency and to avoid passing large numbers of parameters to function. 05-12-11 TS 9.0 LRCHAN.ELD 13-08-05 TS 9.1 LRCHAN.ELD
  3. aaa

    TS Help

    Hi BlueHorse A windows help file is identified by a *.chm extension Would U mind 2 have a look into your tradestation\Program\ or make a search with a *.chm filter in your TS main program included subdir ? If TS 9.1xx dir structure = 8.xx U should find the help file named something like : easylanguagehelp.chm Please rar it B4 attache it Anyway many ThanX 4 your gently help aaa
  4. Hello Happy Multichart' users Here are TradeStation 8.7 help file from Tradestation\Program\ 10 x Much more documented ! easylanguagehelp.chm ( 3.3 Mo) <= > PowerLanguage.chm ( 0.3 Mo ) For information ; spr_topics.chm ( strategies) Enjoy ! TS 8.7 EasyLanguage Reference.rar
  5. aaa

    TS Help

    Hello, May I ask why you need someone else to acquire this for you? Regards, BlueHorseshoe Dear BlueHorse I use MC in PowerLanguage very similar than EasyLanguage in TS. Scripts compiled after TS 9 are unfortunately no more compatible with MC. They are new functions and "Method". Also TS help is much better documented than MC help ( Please, have a look in the attached file Help of the tiny MC help ) and May B It could help coders w/o TS platform 2 have the latest release of EasyLanguage help file ... http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/coding-forum/7241-ts-8-6-easylanguage-help-file.html#post82938 Best regards aaa PS It's ONLY one help file (*.chm must be compressed 2 upload it ), not the entire program of course ! MultiCharts.rar
  6. aaa

    TS Help

    Hello Could someone post here his last TradeStation release 9.1.24 "easylanguagehelp.chm" file located in the program dir ? https://www.tradestation.com/trading-technology/whats-new/tradestation-9-1
  7. Hi trader273 U can test Waldo 2 indicator here http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/trading-indicators/8125-td-waldo-02-a.html and Waldo 3 indicator here http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/trading-indicators/8415-tom-demark-waldo-3-a.html
  8. Hi JaimSierra Bad news ; Pivot function needs x Bars back 2 detect a signal 2 bad Good news It's possible, with array or a different logical approch, 2 detect a pivot in RealTime showing a divergence, or a ZigZag, or whatever indicator. 2 good regards PS others divergences indicators here based on the same MARKPLEX code http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/10979-aaa/ Markplex very nice site here http://markplex.com/free-tutorials/ //---------------------------------------------------- inputs: //---------------------------------------------------- StochLength( 14 ), Length( 20 ), [color=blue][u][b]LeftStrength( [size=7]3[/size] ), [/b][/u][/color] RightStrength( 1 ), [center][size=3][b]Pivot (Function)[/b][/size][/center] The Pivot function returns the value of a pivot point and the number of bars ago the pivot occurred. Syntax Pivot(Price, Length, LeftStrength, RightStrength, Instance, HiLo, oPivotPrice, oPivotBar) Returns (Integer) The oPivotPrice and oPivotBar output parameters return the price value of the pivot point and the number of bars ago it occurred. The Pivot function itself returns a value of 1 if a pivot is found, and -1 if not found. Parameters Price Specifies which bar value (price, function, or formula) to be considered. Length Sets the number of bars to consider for the pivot. [b][color=blue][u]LeftStrength[/u][/color][/b] [b][color=blue][u]Sets the required number of bars on the left side of the pivot bar.[/u][/color][/b] RightStrength Sets the required number of bars on the right side of the pivot bar. Instance Sets which occurrence (that is, 1 = most recent, 2 = 2nd most recent, and so on) to return. HiLo Sets which pivot values to return, 1 = High, -1 = Low. oPivotPrice Outputs the specified bar value at the pivot point. oPivotBar Outputs the number of bars ago the pivot point occurred. Remarks This function is used to find pivot or swing points. This function allows you to specify variable strength sides, as well as whether the pivot point should be a high or low pivot. Example Assigns to Value2 the most recent pivot low price over the last 21 bars and to Value3 the number of bars ago the pivot low occurred using a left strength of 4 and a right strength of 2. Vars: oPivotPrice(0), oPivotBar(0); Value1 = Pivot(Low,21,4,2,1,-1,oPivotPrice,oPivotBar); Value2 = oPivotPrice; Value3 = oPivotbar;
  9. ******************** about Multi-Time Frame platforms ********************* AmiBroker Solution ; AmiBroker can do that very easily TimeFrameSet( ); TimeFrameRestore(); TimeFrameExpand( ); http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/coding-forum/14390-ade-intrabarpersist-question.html#post162794 ****************************** A TradeStation smart solution here JAM Higher Timeframe Pack ( I guess it is the one posted in this thread by moshinqreshi ) http://www.jamstrategytrading.com/HTPack.htm ****************************************** Multichart Solution ADE ( All Data Everywhere ) or One solution is to use several instruments to superiors resolutions "subchart > Hide", the values ​​of the indicators are all identical. ex = main screen = 1 mn = Mov Avg 50 Subchart Hide = 5 mn = Mov Avg 50 http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/coding-forum/12240-help-create-daily-macd-intraday-data.html#post141962 ******************************* Google Übersetzer# *******************************
  10. I agree 100% => AMAZING indicators + tools !!! and if it's the same indicator, it's not fair 2 post it w/o making a reference to him and his site.
  11. ThanX OneSmith I think that I've already posted Xcellent free locked JAM's MA MultiTime.eld in the past. http://www.jamstrategytrading.com/FreeStuff_files/JAMHTPACKFREE.ELD JAM Strategy Trading - TradeStation EasyLanguage Consultant Programmer Specialist Indicators Strategies If Multi-Time Frame MA – OOEL = Jam's indicator and // or Darvas Box Indicators for TradeStation = has been already posted by jojojo ; { [url]http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/trading-indicators/16127-darvas-box-indicators-tradestation.html#post178653[/url] } then it should B fair 2 specify WHO is the author and WHERE it comes from ; PS : JAM is active on the TS forums as mmillar. . JAM MA MultiTime.ELD JAM HT Pack (Free Edition) Documentation 3.5.pdf
  12. Hi It's writen with TS => unreadable 4 me :=( Can someone post it in texte format ? ThanX
  13. nota bene For this reason we need to draw FIXED lines at EACH identified POC. Then, we will use these identified estimated different sup/res lines in the near future time axis to open a position in an eventual pullback. ( secure entries and Take Profit Zone ( reversals ?) on the graph below). Watching a moving POC (Point Of Control) in a "Market Profile" in a data playback mode will illustrate well this moving concept. aaa
  14. Hi Johnny ThanX 4 the interesting TRO links. Why and when a price become 2 B a Support or a Resistance, is that the question ? My graph is not based on High & Low Elliott Fibo retracements, even tho it looks like this. Learn How to Apply Fibonacci Retracements to Your Trading | Elliott Wave International but rather a full strategy based on identified zones of price/Volume/Time ( POC) Support/Resistance. Volume by Price - ChartSchool - StockCharts.com
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