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  1. I am interested in using the indicator best support and resistance,. It is coded in MT-4 and would like to ask you if it could be coded for tradestation. If you could it would be appreciated and if not do I have your permission to have it coded for easy language.

  2. We all know that every trader is different and have different trading conditions, I have seen this product allows u to set all your settings according to your needs. This product will do every calculation for U it will monitor charts, u can trade with any broker that allow u to load aggressive spreads regular momentum indicators and can be used from daily charts to 1 minute charts. so one must try if its not workable for u its with money back guarantee. https://bitly.com/11yveQk
  3. First I was attracted with its low price but then I saw few things that I like, as it have money back gurantee any problem and the EA Coder actually do reply and solves the problem. Its one click option actually save time, It take a little effor in the begining but guides are easy to understand. this product is a must try. https://bitly.com/11yveQk
  4. hi i already share system for free .. i get it free and iam sharing it for free no matter what peoples say about the owner/site. that is not my business and i believe success in Forex depend on ur own money management and analysis it shouldn't be dependent on any commercial system or indicator.
  5. Hi I share both indicator and how to use it. This is mt4 full system. If you need further help feel free to send me pm mesage.i litle busy in these days and trying to write full discription about this system. Thanks
  6. Fibonacci Miracle is a complete package that will show you where to enter a trade, where to exit ( 3 advanced levels !) and where to put a stop loss. You don't need to study Fibonacci numbers - everything will be automatically printed "in easy language" on your chart! The best part regarding Fibonacci Miracle is that it works best for all marketplaces. It’s not necessary to fool around together with if it is compatible issues any longer as if you would with your various other Forex sign solutions. What you get using the Fibonacci Miracle will be less negative feelings, a smaller amount frustration, and less worry that your trade may possibly start going in the completely wrong direction. The actual Fibonacci Miracle is often a verified method which gives that you simply confirmed 87% successful deals. fmiracle.pdf
  7. Hi Any sucessful trader can know the important of trend in the trading. Iam sharing best trend indicator plz use this indicator with bigger timeframe for good results. SDX-TzPivots.mq4 TF_1.01.mq4 TREND_alexcud_v_2MEn.mq4
  8. For succesful traders the support and resistance is very important. The best availbe indicator to determine support and resistance on charts is "support and resistance (barry)". the easy way to draw support and resistance. For best results use bigger time frames like H1 and H4. Support and Resistance (Barry).mq4
  9. Hi everyone i am very sorry that i cant update my thread as i promise ... i have lot of work and iam very busy in these days thats why no update here. i aatch my two weak trades result. if anyone follow wana follow my trades on his mt4 then PM me i will give you detail how to do that. thanks
  10. Hi All Yesterday both pairs didn't make significant movement. But our all both trades hit sl and we are now -100 pips as start. I enter again with pending orders with same price on both pairs so if anybody wana continue with then he can enter again. But be careful Today is a US holiday, with all US banks closed. Kind Regards, Sadscorpion ****************************************** GOOD LUCK AND TRADE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. ******************************************
  11. this is a pic that i see on the fb some of my frind share that but i like it most so iam sharing it to all.
  12. plz use button on right side for thanks
  13. hi dear no i use different sl depend on the market as from 30 to 60 and some time 70 as maximim as all time. And my trades are enter and forget i analysis and when i see my entry point and then i enter and set tp and sl and then forget that trade no matter it goes wrong or right i again search for new opportunities. Kind Regards, Sadscorpion ************************* ***************** GOOD LUCK AND TRADE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. ************************* *****************
  14. Signal Num# 2 The GU pair is indecisive till yesterday and cant able to break Friday high but overall still able to maintain its bullish bias. In my charts bias is neutral in nearest term but as long its price is above 1.5600 my entries will be on bullish side testing the 1.5800 key resistance area. In below clear break on h4 tf below 1.5600 can change the bullish bias into bearish to testing the 1.5500 area. Entry:- Long=1.5710 Sl= 1.5660 TP= 50 pip trilling sl Kind Regards, Sadscorpion ************************* ***************** GOOD LUCK AND TRADE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. ************************* *****************
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