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  1. are there any good support/resistance indicators that do not litter your screen with 50 or more lines? Just the ones that are still valid. I use Trade station and there is one app but too many lines. I get confused if they are valid or not. Thanks
  2. I am looking for a copy of this software, I did a stupid thing. I was taking it from one computer to another and the disk fell into the trash. I did not realize it and the wife cleaned my computer area and I was the looser. If anyone could help where I can find a copy of it or who has it for sale. I seemed like a good program and I never got to use it. Thanks a million
  3. I have tradestation and would like to try the triple trend oscillator. Where and how do I get a copy to try. I use the Bigalo system of candles right now and doing OK but am always trying to improve.. Thank you for your quick reply marty221
  4. I am interested in using the indicator best support and resistance,. It is coded in MT-4 and would like to ask you if it could be coded for tradestation. If you could it would be appreciated and if not do I have your permission to have it coded for easy language.

  5. Thanks for your time IO went over it a few times and the last line it was missin ); and when I put it in it worked .. I din't know I knew that much about EL No I think it was just DUMB luck.. I want to thank you again for your help and the time you spent on it. Thanks Marty
  6. T^%hanks to all that answered .. I woked on it two !/2 hours last night and re read what it said and went right to it It was the ); on the end of the last line Thanks Marty
  7. Tams I am tring to get it to work, a friend of mine sent in an email The description has X', or ") expected' here. line 23 type Error (#175) I do not know enough about easy language. I'm 71 years old and do not think that I will live long enough to learn it. Thanks Marty
  8. I have a code for easy language. I think it was one program that is just a little differnt than tradestation's . I will post it and if any one can help would appreciate it. MACDBB Thanks inputs: FastLen( 12), SlowLen( 26), Length( 10 ), StDv(1); VARS: BB_Macd(0), Avg(0), SDev(0), Upper_band(0), Lower_band(0); BB_Macd= MACD( Close, FastLen, SlowLen ) ; Avg =xAverage(BB_Macd,Length); SDev = StdDev( BB_Macd, Length ) ; Upper_Band = Avg + StDv * SDev ; Lower_Band = Avg - StDv * SDev ; Plot1(BB_Macd); Plot2(Upper_Band); Plot3(Lower_Band
  9. The only thing I trade right now is stocks, I have tried quite a few different indicators and found many that are out there are junk. I have modified the moving average to look simular to t-3 (small and large trigger lines) ( I use 4,12,with dotted lines red or blue and 24, 36 solid green) Watch the training on nextgen software and you should get the idea on how to use them. You might not make so many trades but it will keep you from so many loosing trades. I just do not have $16000 to pay for the T-3. I need to keep from loosing anymore. What I and many people need is a Mentor. I know one guy that was a market maker with scotttrade and he can tell within .01-.02 cents wher the price will turn. He had a mentor (free) but will not help anyone else to get profitable. I have found that all the people that have been helped like that are all the same.

  10. You ask that working your way up to manager, trading can;t be all that hard. I would caution you to go small or your stash might not last that long.Be careful about all the TRADERS that sell many things, most of it does not work. Read a couple of books, two I might recommend would be john Carter Trade the Markets and the other is Al Brooks Reading price Charts bar by bar. I also felt how hard could it be. I served 21 Years in the Marines Became a Senior NCO Could do everything from packing parachutes, working on ejection seats, Aircraft electrician Metal work. I also have a pilot licence and a couple of other fAA licences. I was very successful at what I did. TRADING IS A MUCH DIFFERENTLifestyle than what you have been told all your life.Finally I am profitable. GOOD LUCK TO YOU
  11. I am not a vender and had questions about customized trading.com I seem to be very lery of venders not allowing a trial. That gives me the feeling they are not sure of their product. This software migt be the holy grail , but if you cannot try it, I do not want to loose $2000.
  12. I found their site and it does look very good but they do not give a trial. Does anyone have this software and does it work as good as it looks
  13. I have also been working on a trading style. I have taken many different courses and they were not working for me. I used Barry burns 50 moving average and modified it. Here is a link to his web site and the one part I used was the day 4 & 5. and what I got off another web site using the Keltner channel. Daytrading with forex training for forex day trading, stock market trading and emini trading This is his five day course and it is free The part on the 50 day moving average is like a rubber band as Barry Burns says. I have modified what he says that when the moving average is going down and the price is above the average short it but why stop and get out ride it down as far as you can. I also use something with it that I read and it works pretty good with it. The Keltner channel article said that when the price closedt outside the outer band enter the next bar and ride it as far as you can. I have modified it as long as it is in a trend I use the mid band and it keeps me in the trade longer. The only other thing I use is support resistance. The confluance areas you talk about are what are called supply and demand zones Try it on sim and see if it helps. I find the other things you are talking about just get in my way of watching what is going on. I am using trade station and they have an indicator that gives good turning poins and it is nothing more than a dot see if this is something that might help and let me know if it does
  14. Marty, I think one big obstacle new traders can face is the idea that all prices are equal when clearly they are not. For example if you use a 10 range bar chart on the YM, price in that bar can go from 12527 to 12537. However what I have found important is seeing a breakdown of who is where and at what price. If I only have 5 people at 12527 but 100 people at 12532 then a price failure for me is a break of 12532 and not a break of the bottom of the bar. The more people involved the more selling its going to take in order to break support. Does that make sense? The bigger the point of memory, the stronger it should hold, either as support or resistance. The only thing I have found, so far, that shows me that is MarketDelta. I use a longer term range chart (33r) to show "value" either above me or below me and use a 10 range bar chart to select entries from. If "value" is clearly above me then I only look for short entries, up until I get "value" below me.

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