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    Canadian by birth, Australian resident now trading full-time and living in China
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    Golf, reading, fly fishing

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    ASX, US, Asian equities and futures
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  1. I drew down to my system stop last spring and stopped trading my intraday and EOD systems. Then i had to transfer my trading capital to my family to use in Canada so i took the time to learn the depth of market, volume profile, then started trading live again. I was profitable for the first two weeks and then i took a job in Northern China to help a mate out for a year or so....so back to practice for now...actually looking at TST. Hows it been for you, you ride that bull up?
  2. Jigsaw is just an add on that lets you understand whats happening in the market depth. It lets the prints stick around, alerts you to icebergs and large orders. Very handy training tool for those wishing to learn how to read the depth of market on futures. XS
  3. My pleasure Richard. I use a laptop at my job location to practice the DOM. I use volume profile to structure the market so all up i have three charts, but only execute off a minor time frame chart. I would like 6 screens once i get back at this fulltime, but i love screenestate...who doesn't! lol! Agree NT can be a pain with work spaces and i like my MultiCharts best for that. Been using Jigsaw and my other volume profile vendor for six months or better now. Intra-day trading would not be the same without it. You trading the Hang Seng Richard...or the Kospi?
  4. Ninja, IB & Kinetick all work flawlessly together. I'm also a jigsaw user and Kinetick work very well. IBs data is fast but many prints show up in between the bid and ask as white prints. If your are interested in order flow then Kineticks the go on the jigsaw DOM. Cheers, XS
  5. For those that use MultiCharts, how do you report your actual trade performance. NinjaTrader is quite handy this way with good record keeping and report selection to help sort through the week's performance. TWS is useless:wtf:....what do you all use? I'm currently using excel for the basic P/L and win rate. Really interested in some thing better though. XS
  6. Never mind, found out that you need to specify the exact account on each chart! XS
  7. Please help. I am using MC with IB and during my first day of live systematic trading my strategy is executing trades against my markets but it is using the wrong account, even though i have my futures account specified under broker profiles. Because i do not have futures permission for my stock trading account, the orders are being declined. Tams, if you are there...i need some support and the MC guys won't be around for hours and hours!! Please PM me or respond so you can please help me! XS
  8. Whoa mate...that's an awesome photo. Any chance of getting a high res of that....for triple screens?:thumbs up:
  9. I've lived in China for almost 7 years and I've used McAfee the entire time. Now our whole home network is protected by McAfee. I've not had one single virus related issue the entire time....knock on wood. I've seen plenty of PCs go down from virus attacks here though. Cheers, XS
  10. I actually enclosed a cover shot, which is pretty cool, what happened to it mods? XS
  11. As promised here is my review of Nick's new book Unholy Grails - A New Road to Wealth
  12. Unholy Grails – A New Road to Wealth– by Nick Radge In his third book “Unholy Grails – A New Road to Wealth” Nick Radge presents the straight forward yet frequently misunderstood concept of systematic momentum investing. In his own words, “It’s about taking some of the commonly referred to strategies and putting them to the test so we can better understand what they can and, perhaps more importantly, what they can't do.” The book aims to “limit the cost of implementation in both time and money spent. You do not need a financial planner or stockbroker to beat the market”. The book is based on his considerable experience, with Nick having over 25 years of first hand in-market experience. Designed in order to “offer a sensible basis upon which to make sound investment decisions, reduce exposure and protect against risk”, the book is a fast and thoroughly enjoyable read, considering it is after all, a finance book. The concepts are presented so the reader can easily digest them methodically, step by step. Even a novice investor with some basic knowledge of the markets should be able to come away with a good understanding of how well some momentum strategies work, and what strategies do not work. This is a day and age of seemingly range bound markets where everyone is searching, without success in many cases, for returns better than bank interest. Nick presents the concept that is so obvious; one wonders why more is not publicised about it. Packed with easy to understand statistics and charts, the reader is frequently able to review results of real systems tested over mountains of historical data that enable the discovery of facts about their overall profitability and trade-ability. For it it’s one thing to have a profitable system, but another to confidently trade it. The second half of the book offers “Interviews with the Experts” and is actually a series of interviews with real life momentum system traders. Their systems are discussed and also their personal transition through the various stages as traders. One gains a true sense that indeed great things are possible, if you have a good plan and stick with it. Considering that to be a successful trader one must: Find a strategy Validate Do it Nick aims to deliver the first two and then “guide you to gain confidence in doing the third”. I would have no hesitation in saying that he will accomplish his goal in this succinct, methodical approach that is also a thoroughly enjoyable read.
  13. Excellent I'll have a look on Amazon. XS
  14. Systematic trading and following your system to the tee will eliminate all of the bad habits. XS
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