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  1. How about an update on your Hurst analysis? What have you learned?
  2. Hi Blowfish - been a while. I think you were one of my inspirations for joining MC after leaving TS. Anyway - I still use them as a historical data provider. I am becoming more interested in intra-bar order flow and am about to migrate to IQfeed as a data provider. Sounds like TS will not likely have sub-second data any time soon, agree? Now my only issue with MC is on the automated side, but that is a different story...
  3. Klotski- I have recently moved my accounts from Tradestation and RJO to Optimus Futures, who clear with Vision Financial Markets. The reason for my move began with the technology they offer, particularly the Rithmic data feed and platform interface (I use Multicharts and it works perfectly). But Optimus is not the only one offering good technology (I'm sure they interface with TT and/or CQG, though I would bet that Rithmic is just as good and definitely much much cheaper). The playing field has been leveled with the brokerage business and what it comes down to now is the client service and attention that a customer receives. In this case Optimus is just amazing. Maybe I was jaded by the lack of attention I received from Tradestation, and RJO was not too bad, but Optimus really went the extra mile. Matt, Jennifer, Sarah and the rest of the staff are patient, dedicated people. I got responses from Matt sometimes at 6 or 7 in the eve. PST and they are located in central time. Anyway, if it is any help I would highly recommend Optimus for any type of trading needs. If they don't offer what you need they will bend over backwards to help you. I'm sure you will find their pricing is competitive as well. http://www.optimusfutures.com/
  4. WWs all over the place lately. 3 minute chart of the ES
  5. I see a few, but nothing obvious. Why don't you show me what you think you see...
  6. Bob- post a link please, I can't find it by searching
  7. Two successful ones in a row. Green one is labeled with numbers, Red labeled with letters. Notice that the "2", and "b" points stuck out of the range. After that I was looking for the failure at point 5 and point e .
  8. This morning in ES, a potential WW
  9. looks to be a coil with a fakeout higher, overall a bearish pattern, but not a ww. Point #2 should be where your point #1 is - Point #2 is always a major high/low. Keep studying. Look for Pt #2 to be a failed push to new levels.
  10. Here's one I was involved with today. Notice the #2 point involved a good fakeout. The wave from point 4-5 was fast and scary. I was buying from 1220 to 1226
  11. I have that indicator in tradestation, it's always been buggy for me - what about you?
  12. not seeing it bob - your #2 point should be at an extreme. go back and study the pattern some more, your numbering looks incorrect. I don't see the entry
  13. looks more like the top of a downward channel than a wolfe wave
  14. exited with a small (.5) profit pattern invalidated
  15. In progress in ES this morning, looks like a nice one on the 5 min. entry at 6.5 right here. time will tell!
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