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  1. Can anyone recommend a desktop alarm software or widget that can display alarm messages in the notification area instead of pop-up dialog boxes (for less distraction) on Windows 7? Aside from the following common features I see in most alarm clock software I've seen so far: - supports multiple alarm settings, choosing day of the week - customizable message to display, and sound file to play Other features that would be great: - supports multiple time zone (e.g. can set alarm in exchange's local time) Klotzki
  2. Got a list of about 50+ screen recording software and tested out probably a good 5-10 of them. Best one I found for my needs is BSR Screen Recorder. Supports multiple monitors, decent compression and file sizes, watermarking (e.g. dates, notes), fast and lightweight.
  3. Can anyone recommend a professional-grade trading platform that works well with IB? Its almost like I'm looking for something that has CQG's strength in charting, CQG and TT's DOM, spread trading and global data infrastructure, but which can route orders directly to IB or any other FIX-compliant broker. Thanks, Klotzki
  4. Can anyone recommend a cheap and reliable futures broker for someone trading anywhere from 10k-30k round trips a month, aside from IB? Must: - Cheap. Rates close / similar to those applicable to prop firms and what arcades are charging. - Access to all major futures markets worldwide - Supports CQG NET and/or TT NET, but open to other trading platforms with fast & reliable datafeed and routings from HK or Singapore. Bonus: - Access to other markets and assets classes (e.g. stocks, FX) global - Supports cross margining Thanks, Klotzki
  5. Siuya, You don't necessarily need deep pockets. To illustrate what I've outlined, imagine a system whereby: - You risk only 0.25% of capital (point #2) - Win rate is 80% (point #3) 5 consecutive losing trades is less than 0.03% probability, and yet you'll still be in fairly good shape with an 8% drawdown. Doing monte carlo will also probably yield acceptable risk of ruin. Klotzki
  6. Hi John, I don't necessarily agree with the earlier replies in the post. In theory, I think Martingale 'betting' could actually work as long (1) your trading strategy has positive expectancy, (2) you start out risking a very small portion of your equity, and (3) the win rate is high enough that you won't run the risk of losing all your equity before getting a positive trade. In practical terms, especially if you're a discretionary trader with trading system that ought to produce a reasonable high win rate (e.g. over 25-50%), you run the risk of taking less than ideal trades and trying to make your money back by doing martingale. Klotzki
  7. Hi Quinn, Can't say exactly for DAX, but the answer seems yes for the most active US commodity and equity futures. Similar to Brookwood, I also pull out 2 sets of charts and look at the tape to see how traders when trading gets to the S/R zones in both charts. I find that for heavily traded contracts like gold and s&p, traders seem to "see" the S/R zones in the off-hours more than the thinly traded contracts. Best to observe DAX first and see if its the same. Hope this helps. Cheers, Klotzki
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