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  1. Hello All, I am new to Traders Lab. I believe in the law of reciprocity, so to those who provide the most helpful answers I will be more than happy to share my calls/trades with them for awhile. That way we can both profit! I have been able to consistently predict stock and currency movements with an 80% - 90%+ accuracy for several years now. However because I have no background in trading I have just now have worked up the confidence to start trading with real money. Things are going very well, but being inexperienced at all of the tricks of the trade so to speak, I am certain, considering how accurate I am, that I am leaving money on the table. I am able to predict both intraday and multi-day price movements for any high volume stock (i.e. goog, aapl, c, etc) or currency simply by looking at the chart and visualizing where the chart is going to move in my head. I don't use any technical indicators or studies as I find that just creates more noise in my head and distracts me from seeing what is next. Lately I have been focusing on forex trading because of the 50:1 leverage (I'm in the US). I am consistently making 7 to 25 pips per trade on the EUR/USD. I typically hold a position anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. So my question is this: If you were able to be as accurate I am at reading charts how would you best capitalize on it? Would you trade stock options? Would you trade forex? What kind of cash management methods would you use? Are there tricks of the trade, etc that you would use? One thing to mention is that my goal is to maximize profit while spending as little time as possible in front of the computer trading as possible. I work for myself from home so I am able to trade full time, but I had rather spend most of my time doing other things. Thanks so much! -nbalance
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