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Tutorial on NYSE TICK's

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There was something funky with Adobe Flash Player a while ago that had incompatibility issues with Camtasia Studio flash files.... maybe this is the cause?

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Cool vid. The audio went out the first time I watched it but I just rewound a bit and it worked.


It took me a sec to realize your time axis don't match, tho... i was like "why is he comparing TICK back there to price way over there. What? ... Ohhhh!!!!!" lol

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As an understatement, a lot more could be said about using the tick as a principle internal analysis and TIMING tool. TradeStation has a relatively new data feed for an all U.S. tick that includes NYSE comp tick, NASDAQ comp tick (all ECN's), and AMEX tick. Man is it good when trading TF's or EMD's. The point of this is it gives you and your programmed systems a better sense of equilibrium when, for instance, finance sector is weak, and tech sector (NASDAQ) is strong. When both are strong (or weak), time to jump on. This does make significant returns.


BTW, I've been using tick for timing since mid 90's trading OEX at CBOE floor. Use it now for writing artificial intelligence applications for TradeStation, trading the mini Russell 2000 futures (TF).




Deep Green.


"Hey, you just thought you heard me say that. I'm always correct with my analysis !!!"

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Deep Green,

How do you trade the TF, i.e. do you use time based or CVB charts? Currently I've been using CVB charts with good success, but still trying to fine tune them. Any info would be appreciated.



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One additional item. I try to get as much feedback as I can on the use of $TICK for intraday trading. My use of $TICK seems to keep me out . . . .. . .


Attached below is a good article on NYSE Ticks by John Carter


Also refer to further reading on Ticks at the end of article by Brett Steenbarger


Enjoy Minoo

Music of the Market-JC.doc

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Thanks. Re the $TICK, like Steve says, it's just going to take a lot of screen time to start 'seeing' what I'm looking at.


I've applied the 55, 80 & 200 ma's to my charts and they really help. I have both the 55 & 80 to see which works better for me. I trade the TF and it seems the 55 works best so far.


Thanks again for your help.


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