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  1. Walter, I was surfing the forums and came across this thread. You refer Sudah to a thread regarding your entry , stop, and exit, using moving averages, but there's no thread link. Can you provide the link? Thanks, Avalanch
  2. Sorry, I'm not familiar with 'share bar' chart
  3. cvb - constant volume or constant volume bar chart - see jajuanm2 post at the beginning of the thread
  4. jajuanm2 - i've been using both cvb and range bar charts lately - trading both the nq and the tf. i'm curious re what cvb settings you use for the tf. thanks in advance for your input
  5. how do I remove myself from a thread?


  6. Thanks. Re the $TICK, like Steve says, it's just going to take a lot of screen time to start 'seeing' what I'm looking at. I've applied the 55, 80 & 200 ma's to my charts and they really help. I have both the 55 & 80 to see which works better for me. I trade the TF and it seems the 55 works best so far. Thanks again for your help. avalanch
  7. I assume you're talking about market orders. I use limit orders to enter, and usually market orders to exit, and yes, with the market orders, I definitely get screwed on the fill, but for me, it's better to lose a few ticks with a market order than to miss a fill on a limit order, have to cancel and re-enter a order, potentially losing additional ticks, based on the speed of price movement. I trade TF almost exclusively and would be interested in your trading methods.
  8. Steve46, I read most of your thread on ET, but have not read through this entire thread. Sorry if I'm asking a question that may be answered within this thread, but do you utilize $TICK in your trading? Thanks.
  9. Deep Green, How do you trade the TF, i.e. do you use time based or CVB charts? Currently I've been using CVB charts with good success, but still trying to fine tune them. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Avalanch
  10. Proflogic, As noted above for tradestation, the ergodic indicator for Trade Navigator (Genensis - Trade Sense) does not display anything like that shown in the posts regarding your E.I. Would it be possible to get the coding as mentioned before? Thanks, avalanch
  11. Tams, I'e used Proflogic's CVB charts for about 6 months now, but without the ergodic indicator and all the rules - primarily 343 & 2401 charts. I use Trade Navigator which I'm happy with, but as noted without the ergodic indicator. Can it be written up and programmed into my trade platform? Thanks in advance for your reply.
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