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    I started in October 06' with swing trading stocks. I began as most do, with pinks/pennies and lost 50% of my equity within 2 months. I fought to learn quickly and came into this year down "only" 40%.
    At one point I made it up 20+% around June but started hunting for the holy grail again, though I knew price action backed by supply & demand was all that matters. I decided to try something new (futures). I've learned alot in the last few months. Lot's to go. ;)
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    Student of the Markets, Building computers, gadgets and electronics.

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    YM for now due to limitied equity and not wanting over $5 per tick. ;)
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    1 year
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    On the prowl for a new broker
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    Soon to be leaving Tradestation

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  1. ivob

    Hi can you give me full access? My posts seem to be moderated.

  2. Super bump. I'll have to try that code out. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Been awhile since I posted here. I'm hoping to find a local dealer and snag some Silver after the fall from grace. Anybody in the Buffalo NY area with suggestions on dealers?
  4. stepan7


    I've posted a message on the "The Price / Volume Relationship" thread, and I can't find it anymore. How long do I have to wait for posts to show up?

  5. dpcjsr

    I am brand new to the site and want to look at Tradestation threads but there are none. Is this correct?

  6. Corey

    gee, i answer a question and it get stale sitting in holding box

  7. Corey

    jee how many more posts before I can see my post, my post is for real time feedback

  8. Corey

    hi how long do i wait for my first post to show up?

  9. Thanks fellas. I'm all cash and holding out for my expansion of knowledge in options. I was considering buying the pullback as mentioned but I didn't like the VIX spike. Probably going to be a big mistake...just like my buying DDM at the March lows and being shook out a day or 2 before the rally began. 8( LOL
  10. Thanks for the link...really good info and well organized on the site. It confirmed that I have a fairly good grasp on option basics and with a little more paper trading I should be ready to go live in my IRA. It goes without saying I think, that a stop/exit plan is set before putting on a trade and executed when triggered, no questions asked. Having been in the market for going on 4 years I understand the basics and mechanics of a trading plan. Fully embracing the risk took awhile to accept, but I'm there now. I'm getting better but my main issues are timing of entry and choosing an expiration date. I would also like a better understanding on greeks but math isn't my strong suit, to say the least. I may stick to a few key greeks since thusfar I've only confused the issue trying to learn how they all work together. LOL Thanks again.
  11. Hola. I'm new to options...considering selling puts here because VIX is jacking premiums up there. Wondering if anybody has feedback for me? Any thoughts on using the VIX and high premiums to sell puts fellas? I'm looking at the SPY July $105's netting $5 per share premium. I see congruent fib support at $102 which could hold, or maybe even roll down the contracts if need be worst case. This will be in my IRA so it's a long term account...and even if forced to buy I could knock $5 off my cost basis right off the bat. Also VIX is at a level where it may retrace a bit. HRMMM.
  12. gassah



    Can you move the "Introduction" thread into the Ray Barros' Methodology? Thanks.



  13. cnms2



    I've posted a message earlier today on the "The Price / Volume Relationship" thread, and I can't find it anymore. I assume it was deleted, and I 'd like to know why. Thanks.


    Please reply through PM to cnms2

  14. Blast from the past. Fixing a buddies Gateway that shuts off once heated up. Hope the canned air works, I really don't feel like gutting this and swapping the heatpipe. UGGGGG Yours still working well BF?
  15. Ok. If this coil can't break into the next channel zone above it look out below. We have macd (trend) and a custom stoch (momentum) both showing divergence. When both are aligned the move tends to be powerful. We are also at a fib 121% extension which at minimum suggests a retracement ahead. Place your bets if you're aggressive, or let the breakdown begin if you're a more cautious trader/investor. We could be looking at a 800-900ish point retracement based on the broken resistance that never tested as support. GL and play smart.
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