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  1. You realize that those who sell trading classes can't make their money from trading ... If they taught from the goodness of their hearts they would do it for free, not for the exorbitant prices they charge.
  2. Leaving aside the "always", indicators are based on price and / or volume, so as derivatives they filter out some information, and inherently include some delay relatively to price and volume.
  3. Can anybody post a link where spydertrader writes about "bbt", "equal weight of all legs", or such?
  4. Jack wrote several times on the subject of the relation between ftts on different fractals: Also, there is a discussion early in this thread between romanus and pointone about the ftt relation to pt1,2,3,ftt on other fractals.
  5. This is why this thread died, and all attempts to restart it failed.
  6. I don't think in terms of "flaws", but in terms of the "10 cases", of which only 2 are "translations"; the rest are "internals" (including the outside bar). They can appear anywhere in a tape, and are price formations, independent of volume.
  7. To those who still have difficulties using this method profitably, I suggest a RESET: put aside everything you know about it, then reread and assimilate ONLY Spydertrader's posts on this thread, starting with page 1. Pay attention to each word he wrote, and each line he drew! Please be courteous and patient, or refrain from posting! Check your frustrations and pretentions at the door ...
  8. You could google for: "jack hershey onepager pvt site:www.elitetrader.com"This is one search result: Jack Hershey Method Since 2008 | Page 4 | Elite Trader.
  9. There are two attachments to my previous post. They were crops from this onepager:
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