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  1. Well, for some people it takes a whole life, whereas others manage to succeed in a couple years. Also, it really depends on what you mean by "successful".
  2. Binary options is not a bad tool itself - it's just that they're to easy to be manipulated by frauds and scammers.
  3. Even if that's what you've been doing for some time now? That seems like a fast way to lose all of your savings!
  4. Why make propaganda when they're doing quite fine themselves? Gold's looking great imo, btw.
  5. I'd say that he is still trading DESPITE reading this thread
  6. So what exactly are you here for? Looking for an advice, a place to start, an experience, or something else?
  7. So basically the smaller your account is, the more slow approach it requires?
  8. Huh, I like this one."you must be able to follow your rules flawlessly" - so true, that's like my biggest problem as a trader now...
  9. That's the problem with the internets, either you don't go there, or don't show the results to your parents
  10. Think US IJC is going to be negative? It'd be yet another social factor crumbling apart...
  11. Just got into it. Are they worth the time?
  12. Quite a stock to own, however for trading I feel like it's quite a dangerous company...
  13. Really? I've almost thought they're not doing too well. Where's the breakout come from?
  14. Really can't explain what I've just read, really
  15. Is it me, or do overall markets look quite bearish these days? Are we on the brink of rebound?
  16. What is Toxic flow? Don't think I've heard this term before
  17. Funny thing about learning from others success is how much wrong it is to do so
  18. It can and it will. Looking forward to iphone 8 launch to completely kill this device.
  19. Okay, it's more clear to me now, thanks. Guess it's quite a pointless knowledge, since it's unavailable on retail platforms. Damn
  20. Hate to see Asian market at such position. Almost feels like I'm wasting my time trying to catch it on a slide.
  21. I like the advice, however I don't really understand what you mean by number 10: trading in perspective. Could you clarify this a bit?
  22. AAPL's quite used to being considered false euphorical, yet those who succumb to it are pretty often profiting and winning.
  23. "USD/JPY: Shift from neutral to bearish: Severely oversold but room to extend further 101.10." Getting to a nicely undervalued position, can be quite tempting to get in with current price level. What do you think about JPY prospects?
  24. It's kind of surprising to see positive sentiments here, seeing how overall markets are quite neutral and cautious now. After all, the longer this bull market continues, the more wary investors will become.
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