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  1. http://priceactionlab.com/Demo/demo.html DLPAL S is free for two months for anyone interested. I tested the code in Multicharts, Amibroker and Quantopian and it works. This is a good program. Why buying anything when you can use this for as long as you want in a backup computer you can reformat after trial expiration.
  2. I saw this a few days ago and how random trade entries perform and I thought that the gurus have been fooling us all along with useless setups. A Random Walk Up And Down Wall Street
  3. 70-30, trade small and more frequently, big bets will get you at the end.
  4. Fooled by Technical Analysis
  5. You must have an edge to cover trading expenses and adverse moves from market makers. This is an excellent blog that provides statistics for day trading efficiency.
  6. sergso

    Beginner's Question

    You can do that with currency futures. they have options.
  7. Yes, it is psychology combined with math, a difficult match.
  8. Besides broker quality read this before getting involved with forex.
  9. The 95% failure rate comes from the 5% confidence level that is necessary to guarantee profits in the longer-term.
  10. Because you I can backtest them.
  11. Day traders with small accounts mostly that cannot cover the spread long term. This is another good article with analysis: Frequent Retail Forex Trading is a Losing Negative-Sum Game | Price Action Lab Blog
  12. They probably live in Bahamas:) There are always extreme outliers. Take a kook at the maximum return for trading with tossing a coin on the first chart in this article: 722% Now add 100:1 leverage and you are there. Simple stuff...
  13. DBA, GLD, UCO, there are commodity ETFs for everything.
  14. As long as USD goes up gold will go down.
  15. I have heard that below like $40M in AUM is not economical to start your own because f high cost.
  16. I agree but during fast markets they widen spreads and take most of what you save back.
  17. You should read this article. The spreads in forex are wide enough to consume small accounts the longer they stay in the game.
  18. I think this is a false analogy. The difference is that professionals have a lot more money and can effort to correct mistakes. The most fundamental difference is the depth of the pocket.
  19. Gold is going to new lows if dollar picks up strength. Watch for the USD first.
  20. I found this article quite interesting. The idea is that consistent losers do not exit in reality because they could reverse what they do and become consistent winners. The consistent losing is probably due to overtrading and high commission cost and slippage. or even due to destructive behavior or maybe a special situation like being manipulated by a malicious broker.
  21. I guess you assumed he is interested in EL.
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