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  1. Thanks for the replies so far... @Khamore, don't worry i'm nowhere close to start trading with actual money, and although many people have done it before, i will never trade before getting formal education (possibly a masters degree from a reputable school) that being said, it never hurts to have different sources of information, that's why i am looking for good sources online
  2. What websites that relate to markets and trading, do you recommend to be bookmarked in your browser? I have a small list, i hope you can add what you recommend - basically i am looking for educational material, forums, and news and analysis websites: Investopedia Investor Guide TradersAndInvestorsClub.co.uk TRADERS LAB (of course) Seeking Alpha Bloomberg CNBC Wall Street Journal McKinsey Quarterly ... Also if you have any opinion about any site that i already mentioned then please indicate it!
  3. Very interesting point about trading vs investing - i never saw a distinction! in fact since trading is either technical analysis or fundamental analysis i assumed investing is the latter, i already posted a separate thread about this topic - still has to be approved by a moderator. In short i ask: so you as a trader will look at what? do you look at company's 10-K's or do you look at chars? any more elaboration on this trading vs investing is much appreciated!!
  4. The first lesson i learned here is that there is a difference between trading and investing (they're not entirely different but the two words aren't synonyms - original discussion here) Well we all know that in trading there is a distinction between technical analysis and fundamental analysis, and while the first looks a lot like trading by definition, i can't see the distinction between fundamental analysis and investing. Maybe you can elaborate more about what you do as a trader: do you look at charts or at 10-Ks? when you buy a stock do you feel ownership in a company, or do you keep in mind that if the market changes the next day you will sell this security? If you are a trader, do you identify yourself as an investor? (sorry for the elementary question ) thanks!!
  5. Hello; With my first post on this forum, i'd like to ask you if you know of any good resources that can help someone get up to speed with investing. Let me first introduce myself. I graduated last May with an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering and started my engineering career. Throughout college my interest in stocks grew a lot - thanks to the macroeconomics and microeconomics electives. i familiarized myself with different forms of securities, and how the stock market works, and other basic stuff thanks to investopedia articles and videos. I guess my first question is really the following: tell me what i still don't know? But since we don't know what we don't know i'm afraid i cannot be clearer.. in short what are some good books or online resources that introduces a beginner to the different investing strategies and tactics? that talk about the differences between - for example - investing in bonds vs commodities? And what about more advanced stuff, i mean other than forums (and investopedia/wikipedia), and talking with people in the field what written/online references do you recommend? thanks!!
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