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  1. $NVDA this is probably going near or at that $150 zone before it corrects, but people buying now aren’t the ones who will sell up there. bags...
  2. $KORS They beat the estimate for this quarter and they are focusing on online retail and strong emerging market this should skyrocket
  3. $SNAP If bears are so confident, short the company. Let us "fools" buy it & u can enjoy ur $ when it tanks. Constant msgs only show fear IMO
  4. $RAD I have almost all my money tied up original thought 5$ was a bargain then 4$ then figured might as well add 10xs at 3.35 the other day
  5. $AUPH For you weak hands before you sell any of your shares just remember Duggan loses $575,000 every time this drops 10cents and he's still here.
  6. $FCAU civil suit means fines paid and stock goes down. I buy more and a few sessions go by, people forget then stock goes up. I make money lol.
  7. $AMD MM's are trying to take all the weak hands stop and will use the terrorist attack to help create more fear. I am holding! $12.50 +++
  8. $NAKD I've been in this for nearly 7 months. I am bullish but I hate to say, this is doing exactly what it did last time before another ext.
  9. $QCOM expecting a $2-$4 move this week with a break at $59.04 to start Gap fill to $62.50. 1st test $61.30 200ma
  10. $GOOGL If you are thinking of buying one stock and not sure what to buy...You just found it.. Buy it put away for 20 years and come back
  11. $SHOP Growth oriented company preparing for more exponential growth in the years to come. Buy for long term 5 years +
  12. $TWTR Another strong day for this stock...need to hold bottom of consolidation channel at ~$19.45
  13. $TSLA Shorts don't understand, the game is over. If this drop big, longs will add more shares. If it goes up, shorts will lose many fold.
  14. $F when 6/1 hits guess what I'm going to do? Take divs and buy more. this will still be around 11. I should be able to buy another 12 shares
  15. $SNAP This is going up till lock up, lock up is the next volatile play. Might fall 6-8% like FB depending on prospects at that time.
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