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  1. People are hesitant of taking stop losses as they think if they if they will take a stop loss they will realize their losses and floating losses are not the actual losses and this is not because of their greed but the emotional attachment with the markets and thinking of the markets will always move their own way ;-)
  2. Your answers 1- 3 $ per side means when you buy the broker will charge 3 $ and when you sell you will be charged 3 $ again. The round turn commission would be 6 $. 2 - You can enter and exit in the market within a minute. It depends how you wanted to trade - yes it will work as it does on demo accounts. 3 - There is no time frame to close the trade if you are having enough margin to hold the trade. Happy Trading !!!
  3. This is not a regulated company. I wonder if they are located in United Kingdom but they cannot accept clients from UK and US. The reason such brokers cant tell.
  4. I never liked Hotforex as I traded with them with a real account and never liked their customer services. I tried a small account to check but they liquidated me in a very wrong way.
  5. Live accounts are not to test the strategy - It is always demo accounts where strategy can be tested. If you don't have a strategy on demo account you will get a lots of problems trading in real account. Make any strategy in demo account by using Candlestick or line charting and it will help ;-) Keep practicing demo account.
  6. There will be no strike on Iran as it would be effect the Arab World and US it self - US cant afford Crude Oil at 200 $ a barrel and no other country can. So if Iran is attacked - Iran will block "Abzae Huzmat" The pipe line in Arabian see going to US which will effect all over the world. Its only a threatening statement by Leon Pennata to stop iran from making the Nuclear Weapons. In its recent Statement President of Iran Ahmade Nijad has said there will be good news's soon from the Nuclear side , and Iran seems not scared of Leon Pennata's statement. The world will be effected a lot if Iran is being attacked as the crises in Arab World are already getting worst day by day and the Arab Rulers will never want an Attack on Iran because if Iran is being attacked it will hit US Marine in UAE and Qatar which Arab don't want to see.
  7. The success and the failure of any trader is just because of himself - if he has chooses the right strategy he might have not lost. 99.9 % traders loose because of their own wrong strategy which Involves they emotions , greed etc.
  8. 2012 will be an exciting year for traders as they would be a lot of volatility in the markets
  9. BOJ cant take a chance to Inter-vein in yen in near future. Its quite enough as they have been trying since a year to weaken yet but failed. I don't see any Intervention by BOJ until June.
  10. If you ever had a chance to see MT4 Dealers terminal you will be shocked to see that this can also be happen in our account ? Its beyond Imagination. MT4 is always a DEALER Friendly software and it is less friendly at the clients end.
  11. There is no difference between MT4 and Currenex on the clients point of view. Mt4 or Currenex both will do accordingly what the software are told to do. Currenex is expensive but it has less dealer intervention and manipulation feature but mt4 have more features to manipulate the prices as done by worlds biggest Market Makers as well. They all prefer Mt4 as it can be customized more easily then any other software do and it can manipulate prices they way they want to.
  12. Ask 10 small traders what should be the strategy to do in the market and do against them. this is what Big traders do.
  13. Many People trade demo accounts for fun.How do you trade your demo account. Share your experiences.
  14. Markets are very much uncertain as Gold dropped on Friday but its not end. Historical data shows enough and you are right Obsidian. Waiting to see a new history high in Gold and Silver.
  15. Greece will never default. The Euro Zone will be handling the same way as they are handling greece and other countries now a days. Using delaying tactics is their policy and if Greece will get default there are lot other countries which will be defaulting soon. Not only in other European countries but also in Asian countries , the discussion will be started to get default as many countries are shy to say something like that. If there will be one default the world will be going for a swear Financial Crises more then 2007-08.
  16. I think in us and uk - All calls are being recorded since 2005 but they don't give details until the issue becomes very prominent and client is on the wrong side.
  17. What do you see Gold in next 3 months ? Bullish or Bearish ? Is Gold really heading towards 2500 $ an oz as major research firms of the world predict. Your view please.
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