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    DeWayne Reeves is the founder of CFRN and host of a popular radio program heard daily in over 20 countries. A former equities trader, he has focused primarily on the S&P 500 Emini Futures Market for the past 5 years. His insights and trading methodology are a blend of traditional technical analysis and the strategic use of proprietary indicators. He is the founding director of New Hope Orphanage and Primary School in Kampala Uganda East Africa which is home to over 800 orphans. Mr Reeves currently resides with his wife in Phoenix Az. where he actively trades his personal account.

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    Daniels Trading
  1. Yes. That was my original answer, but it was rejected as being too short. I understand forum mechanics so no problem there. However, the original question posted which started this thread is in fact a Yes or No question and the factual answer is Yes. To the original poster I pray you've already found your answer. If not, now you know. Merry Christmas to all. Blessings DeWayne
  2. You're pulling our collective leg, right?
  3. EMINI PODCAST ARCHIVE Once again time to catch up on a few "lost" episodes. Tuesday June 25, 2013 Wednesday June 26, 2013 Thursday June 27, 2013 Friday June 28, 2013 Emini Coaches Corner w/ Robin Dayne | Episode #19 Monday July 1, 2013 Tuesday July 2, 2013 Wednesday July 3, 2013 Once again, thanks to the TL Staff for maintaining the best Trading Forum on the 'Net!
  4. While travelling by plane, Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) was once told by a stewardess to put on his seatbelt. He retorted, “Superman don’t need no seatbelt!” to which the stewardess said, “and Superman don’t need no airplane! Put on your seatbelt please.” Traders often fall prey to Superman Syndrome after a string of successful trades. The rush of endorphins begins to cloud our thinking and we start to believe we really can fly. When you buy a child’s Superman suit at a toy store, it comes with a manufacturer’s note: This product is sold as a toy only. It does not enable the wearer to fly. After a good day, week, or month in the markets, we as Traders might be well served to put a post-it-note on our shaving mirror that says "You can't fly". It might not hurt to stick one on the platform monitor as well. Your success was not the result of a misplaced sense of self-worth, your downfall however, could very well be. Reading this will help bring you back to earth - Deuteronomy 13:1-5 . Now let's get into today's discussion with Robin and learn how you can spot Superman Syndrome in its early stages and prevent it from becoming your own personal Kryptonite. Just click here - Overcoming Superman Syndrome w/ Robin Dayne The Traders Coach
  5. Stock Market Bargain Shopping With the possibility of a longer term bounce into the Presidential election, it might be worth taking a look at some equities that have been knocked down, but not out. We are not attempting to call a bottom, this is more like catching a Phoenix as it rises from the ashes. Our focus is 95% on the indices here at CFRN but after all, those indexes are made up of indvidual stocks right? As always, due your own due diligence and consult with a licensed investment professional. Magnum Hunter Resources (MHR) Consider buying $4.25 Stop / Stop Loss $3.75 / Initial Target $5.75 Key Energy Services (KEG) Consider buying $10.50 Stop / Stop Loss $8.75 / Initial Target $16.00 Dycom Industries Inc. (DY) Consider buying $20.75 Stop / Stop Loss $17.40 / Initial Target $22.50 LSI Corp. (LSI) Consider buying $7.10 Stop / Stop Loss $6.75 / Initial Target $8.75 Monster Worldwide Inc. (MWW) Consider buying $8.75 Stop / Stop Loss $7.90 / Initial Target $10.00 Emini Podcast for Friday 06/29/12
  6. Emini Breakout Kings Breakout trading is one of the most basic trading strategies. The term Breakout tends to make us think of an up move but a down move or a Breakdown, also falls under the definition of Breakout Trading Strategies. The most basic definition of a Breakout is that after a period of consolidation price moves either above or below a well defined support or resistance level. Traditional TA (technical analysis) says that the break must be accompanied by high volume for validation. On the chart above we showed the market moving 20 points on very light volume in a thin market on big news. So while the Breakout Trade is simple in concept, there are some complexities that should be understood. #1) Price may expend a great amount of energy to finally break through Support or Resistance. #2) After expending great energy, price will often retrace its steps triggering the stops of those who entered the trade based simply on the breakout without any follow through confirmation. #3) Those stops being triggered can then propel price higher or lower depending on the direction of the breakout. This should not be confused with the "They ran the stops" conspiracy. What I am explaining does not involve a "they", it is an explanation of how markets work. Breakouts can be traded on a 1 minute chart or a monthly chart. The concept is the same, the only difference is the risk required and the potential profit to be gained. When watching a daily chart, price might spend days or even weeks attempting to break out of a range. Once it breaks, if you place your trade without any additional confirmation you become what we call a One Eyed Jack. How To Be An Emini King In A Land Of One Eyed Jacks The difference between a Breakout and a Fakeout is - Confirmation Top 2 Breakout Strategies Confirmed breakout Failed breakout Now here's the top-secret breakout strategy you won't find anywhere else. ALL BREAK OUTS ARE TRADABLE OPPORTUNITIES The key to a successful breakout strategy is learning YOU CAN PROFIT no matter what happens. First, accept the fact that 50% OF ALL BREAK OUTS FAIL. Revel in it. This "secret" removes all bias and gives you a clear head. The knowledge simply makes you informed, embracing it makes you a King. Forget about the outcome of the break, simply trade whatever confirms. Emini Podcast for Thursday 06/28/12
  7. Bob, We just did the interview on Thursday and I have not had an opportunity to have it transcribed as of yet. Feel free to check back with me next week. Regards DeWayne
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