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  1. I have started trading around 5 years ago and gained much knowledge about Forex Trading first. Initially I didn't earned much through my brokers but as and when I have started trading with my current broker I have earned a lot and I am still trading and making money through my current broker.
  2. The selection of a good broker is very much essential for you to earn more and more profit. I have been in Forex Trading since 5 years and have lose much money previously with my previous brokers. But as and when I have selected my current broker I have earned a lot and I am still earning.
  3. The best trader is the one who selects best broker according to me. I have invested much in various account and trusted many brokers but I never earned much as I do with my present broker.
  4. Yes, I also consider Forex trading as the best. I have traded with various binary options but never earned much, but as and when I started dealing in currencies and found my current broker I have earned a lot in Forex Trading.
  5. Hello Victor, welcome to the world of Forex. I think you should start gaining knowledge regarding various aspects of Forex and also you should find an appropriate broker to trade with. I have been trading with my broker since 3 years and I have made much profit through my broker.
  6. Well If I were not a trader I prefer to be a Broker. I have learned a lot through my broker and I just want to become a successful trader like mine.
  7. The advantage of what you are speaking about only works if you have various skills regarding market analysis and Forex trading. If not you have to rely on broker and the next question is about the selection of proper broker. I have been trading with my broker since 3 years and I have earned a lot through trading with him.
  8. The trader who have proper market analytical skill and who knows to manage money and risk properly makes more money. If you do not possess this skills than you have to select appropriate broker to do that work for you. I have been trading since 3 years and I have earned a lot through my Broker.
  9. I have struggled a lot at first to earn good amount of profits and thats all because I have not chose proper broker, but when I came across my current Broker I have started to earn abundantly. All the credit goes to my Broker.
  10. Congratulation, Can any one tell me how to join this?
  11. There are many different ways to post chart the way you want. It all depends on what exactly you want it to look like.
  12. Great post mate. I hope others will consider this post and take some knowledge from this. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
  13. Not sure when it is going to get clear, but many are taking really big advantage of it. I hope the things will be settled really very soon.
  14. Not sure about others but I guess it is really possible for me. I always wonder to do it and now really thinking to give it a try.
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