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  1. Hi,


    My name is Andre. I have been reading your posts, and would really like to know how you trade. You appear to be successful with your trades. What your setups are. You know the world is so full of people talking about things they don't know about and it is easy to get information overload. I think the only way to overcome this is to talk to learn from someone who isn't selling anything. If a trader is really successful trading, then he doesn't need to sell anything to other traders. However, I would pay you a lot if you would tell me what you do.

  2. hi Torero. I was searching the same that you were talkin about the chart pattern and the measures. Is really really wonderfull I would like to talk more about this! now I need to sleep!

  3. Sorry, folks for the error. I'm trying to get my site back up in a few days. Things have been hectic around here, the admin shut us down and now is trying to move the site to another server and we were hacked a while back. We wanted to lay low until the spam and find out where the hacker is coming from and what he's doing. We'll have it back up as soon as move is over. Sorry about the problem.
  4. The Chinese and the others to whom we owe which is a long list including Iran. Unfathomable isn't it?
  5. Seeing the price action should give you enough clues that a sideway markets are in progress. If you see the prices don't break the highs or lows of the time chart you're looking, then it's a sideways market. Pure and simple. Of course determining which time chart to use is another problem.
  6. torero

    Stack Trade

    Do you have a screen shot of it? I may know by other names.
  7. I may be stepping on a few feet by making this audacious observation but here goes. I think pure capitalism or free markets doesn't work without government regulation or partial governmental ownership over big corporations. In the 1920s there were no regulation in place and greed just took the country to the cleaners. This current crisis see us doing it again. Most pundits think the government was too big and controlling too much. This lesson only tells us again if we don't control greed, we all lose. The markets will figure out and play itself out as the argument would say. Obviously, it does and it seems to be working, unfortunately, we're going down to the drain with the weakest of the fittest. It's too big to fail, so we bail them out. I would prefer them staying small or be heavily regulated if they are too big because we all fail if they fail. We have to go beyond anti-trust laws and put in anti-humongous laws to safeguard the rest of us if they fail.
  8. It's not that the market is not thrilled about Obama, I think now that the focus on elections is over, now it's back to earnings and economy that takes the front seat again. That means, the crisis ain't over, not that the Obama or McCain will make the crisis go away overnight.
  9. I admit I was a disillusioned by W and voted for Obama in the end. I originally support W's war in Iraq but when I found out the CIA flaw in confirming WMD's existence and W's willingness to go on his own judgement, it pretty much buried my support for him. Of course, it didn't help when the credit crisis finally came and wished all the money we had spent on would have come in handy to bail out the banks. I like McCain for his experience but he support most of W's agenda. My only concern is Obama's lack of experience. But anything in the different direction is better the direction the US is heading. But that's all I'll say. I'm flexible in views and beliefs but gross incompetence is just unacceptable.
  10. I agree, it will be a while before the crisis is declared dead. There are things to alleviate it but hopefully Obama finds the right competent advisors to steer in the right direction. One good thing out of all this is that the US can't be accused of being racists anymore by enemy or hostile countries.
  11. Hi Vince, I no longer use Tradestation but Ensign. I'm sure any member can help you with that. Sorry.
  12. Well, if you're the top brass, it's a like a crap shoot knowing you'll walk with a bonus if even things don't pan out (golden parachute), so why not go for broke? Think about it. If they risk, everyone loses, but still walk with a insurance policy to keep you unemployed for a few years if not a lifetime. If you win, everyone's is happy and he get even a bigger cut. So it's win-win situation. That's the kind of backward, f-ed-up incentive and message the financial or corporate breeding we endorse? Doesn't make sense for the longest time, now the consequences are playing out, guess what? People fix things only a tragedy has happen, not before. We deserve what we got. You ignore the problem long enough, it'll come back as a massive snowball. The other thing that's convinced me over time is no matter how smart you are, greed still own you. All these ivy leaguers who run the show in Wall St. are only human. We worship them because of the brain power. They create all these new markets using complex math formulas, wow indeed. But when it comes to greed, nothing to envy, guys. Hell with the formula, take the bigger risk and go for the gold. In the end, they can't control greed either, just like the average joe.
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