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  1. The BoE is placed under investigation by the SFO. How serious are the charges? And what will happen to the bank?
  2. Thanks, Prax and Ammeo, for you view on the positive side of the russian leverage limit. I surely agree that it would reduce the risks for traders, but eventually they take away the other possibilities. It's in the best interest of the larger parties and as little men we are not able to surge against it. Adaptation is indeed here the keyword, real traders keep their spirits high!
  3. FXCM Class Action Lawsuit Investigations Continue. What do you think will happen to FXCM?
  4. Is Greece's four-month extension, the start of recover?
  5. You're more than welcome peeterwolf, I am sure that you have seen Greece got a four-month extension on their bailout program. I thought that this would be the first step into the right direction, but on the same website atozforex.com/news/a-state-of-uncertainty-remains-post-greeces-four-month-extension/ . I read that it is only more oil on the fire.
  6. With china as one of the biggest buyer of gold, the market plunged yesterday. In relation with the instability in the EU, how low is the low?
  7. Talks between Greece and its Eurozone counterparts have broken down, until Friday there needs a suitable solution. What do you guys anticipate, will this be the final straw for Greece or will they find a compromise in the short time?
  8. The main price moving event for today was expected to be #BOE meeting announcement and the bank decided to stand still, while maintaining Bank Rate at 0.5%.
  9. What will be the effects in oil price after the Minsk meeting?
  10. What further developments do you foresee after the German Finance Minister saying Nein to the extension of Greece's current bailout program?
  11. What do you think about the 13 “high risk” currency discontinued pairspairs that FXCM announced?
  12. The sum up you made here really clears out the presumption of being protected by the regulators. It is indeed true that other interests are handled first, while neglecting the traders interests. ~Sadly but true, we can't delegate a right that we do not posses. Thanks for the eye opener, zdo.
  13. jpenny's bag, thank you for sharing the great words from Harvey Pennick. Surely lots of traders an find reassurance in these moving teachings. Appreciated!
  14. What do you think about the deal between Russia and Saoudi Arabia for the oil?
  15. Do you have any idea for any fundamental forecast for this week?
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