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  1. Hello TRO!,how are you adjusting from short to longer period trading? Great political vids and hope you keep the trading vids coming too! Did you ever make a mq4 tunnel indicator?
  2. Thank you aaa for the links! Good trading to you.
  3. Thank you Andrew Jackson.Posting some links are good too.Keep up the good work.There is a lots of code laying idle because nobody has any idea what the hell it is without a picture. I want to encourage everyone to contribute in the war on HFT BOTS! Every time they steal the bid and ask from you it's them! Spoofing in and out like a cloking device from star trek. Stealing your money with the help of QE3 unlimited at a tune of 85 billion a month!Good day sir.
  4. Seems there is but yet another version here also; http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/trading-indicators/10265-support-resistance-auto-plots.html
  5. Nice indicator but it's done by TRO too! Only a hundred years ago! TRO coded it to MQ4,TS, Esignal,Multi Charts and so on. http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/trading-markets/4859-never-lose-again-therumpledone.html
  6. Code with out a picture is just code. Code with a picture you get an idea what it does.
  7. Kool will check that out and if you think of anything else please post it.Thanks again estate1997.
  8. Check out three different types all doing the job!
  9. Tradewinds your code did not verify. Can you post the eld or the verified code?
  10. Red bars are the most powerful.Make sure you format all styles to histogram.Custom your sound and set alert to continuously. It is best to have them set on different time frames. war_gunfire.wav
  11. In the retail trading community we are limited in many ways.However we as traders can share ideas of how to track the bots. At least this way we can stay in the game.Here is one simple radar screen indicator tracking the speed of a candle,alert included. I hope coders will share their ideas and help everyone make more capital. _SpeedCandle.txt
  12. Those Hulls & Mac are pretty darn nice Estate1997! I retired my old ones because yours are Scoring like bobby hull!
  13. Found another Tro indicator _SIGMA3 here; http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/trading-indicators/4606-sigma-bands-cqg-2.html#post175035
  14. The last Part of this code in the text file in post # 13 does not belong in the _sigma3 indicator! TRO's code Works on OHLC Bars,HLC Bars only. Doesn't work on Renko or daily charts, just minuts and tick charts.When Vwap is overlayed on the chart you see the white line and red line match. The white line is from sigma3 and the red is vwap. Now you know what the white line is. _SIGMA3_REVISED.txt _SIGMA3.ELD
  15. Super Adx + Nailing the top on Nflx! However you need to add alerts for the rest of the colored bars.Not all of the colored bars alert. Coding your alerts are critical for the reversals. The Hft Bots come quick on the daily as well. A must indicator on all charts!
  16. Here is another type of Sigma-Hurst bands.It's a variation of the last post.Both are nice indicators
  17. Nice example of PRV_Volume catching a natural breakout. All green and not a touch of the shorts coming. Second we have PRV Volume showing a possible short coming
  18. Hello BlueHorseshoe!,can you post those indicators on post 1 & 3? Tryen to track the enemy.
  19. I want that indicator! Here is a few level 2 Tradestation indicators. Pics are on the EURUSD minus time & sales. One version on the right and two below.
  20. Nice Indicator Tams! Been using this for awhile.
  21. Nice indicator Tams!,I added an alert! I'm using it as an analysis technique below my chart. It's just another way until Tradestation comes up with better gradient backrounds.Thank you Tams! PTTR_ALERT.ELD Paint_The_Town_Red_With_Alert.txt
  22. Walter and Blueray must be on vacation spending all their earnings! I got something here and all you need is an alert! Walter's and Blueray's are still the best but this can be added next to them. Thanks to everyone else who helped them along the way with this VMAR Ribbon. ExpRibbon_V3.txt EXPRIBBON_V3.ELD
  23. Nice indicator Tams! I added an alert for up color and down color. MAMA_COMBO_ALERT.ELD
  24. No,I was hoping you had it! However I got this gem called poor mans slot. You got to use it with tams digiboardv2 it's the bomb! Over lay the two and it becomes what TRO would say a slot machine. You can find tams digiboard here; http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/trading-indicators/8292-digiboard.html#post173674 Thank you TRO & Tams! TRO_POOR_MANS_SLOT.ELD
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