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  1. Here you go Derek !, the function and A,B,C Function - mbC.txt TTM Wave A.txt TTM Wave B.txt TTM Wave C.txt
  2. It's a junk indicator Derek ! Your better off using the vma rainbow. http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/forex-trading-laboratory/2440-playing-vmar-s-open-research.html
  3. Read J pearls vwap threads ( your homework ) Here is the first one ! http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/market-profile/1990-trading-market-statistics-ii-volume-weighted.html
  4. Finding the ladders !,Fantail at work
  5. A picture paints a thousand words they say ! All indicators can be found on this site . One right here on this thread . Bid-Ask Tape Indicator
  6. Seems like dude pasted the code above twice without the code box ! If you look closely it's the same code posted twice . Hamfon's eld of the original post AUTO-PIVOT POINTS WITH PRICE.ELD
  7. Another HamFon indicator is the ZigZag Fib Points ! ZIGZAG FIB POINTS.ELD
  8. A little Radar Screen Multi Tool action ! Put an alert on that baby and when there's a move you'll know it ! Yeah and don't forget those battle line grids ! Tro makes money like He's watching a football game ! I might as well too !!!
  9. http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/coding-forum/2134-tro-indicators-tradestation-3.html
  10. Here is something like what your looking for . It's from TRO from back in the day . Traders Laboratory - Forum Rules
  11. SMAA Compass Sak for Radar Screen From TRO out of the box from years ago SMAA COMPASS SAK.ELD
  12. use code box ! It's the number one reason for the errors . You have to see it to believe it ! Go back to your source and ask him or her to repost the same way . You can export save from your trading program to a txt file without the errors as well . Code gets lost or shuffled by just pasting in open space ! Please post back with the correct code from the source . It can be used as an example to all the wasted code on this site for the same reason ! Press # symbol from inside your post menu . Place code between X here SECTION_BEGIN("MOB Simulation"); SetChartOptions(0,chartShowArrows|chartShowDates); _N(Title = StrFormat("{{NAME}} - {{INTERVAL}} {{DATE}} Open %g, High %g, Low %g, Close %g (%.1f%%) {{VALUES}}", O, H, L, C, SelectedValue( ROC( C, 1 ) ) )); //Plot Colored Candles PlotOHLC(O ,H ,L ,C ,"Price",IIf(C>O,colorGreen,colorRed),styleCandle) ; Offset = 5; //Recommended to use two sheets: one with 5 and another with 7, or maybe other offset value Avgmov = Offset * MA (abs(ROC(C,1)) ,20); per = LastValue(Avgmov) ; numberOfBars = Cum(1); Range = 0.01; PS = TroughBars(L, per, 1) == 0; Title = Title + StrFormat("AVGMOV %g|%g|%g\n", Avgmov,per, numberOfBars); xa = LastValue(ValueWhen (PS,numberOfBars,1)) ;//x from last trough Ya = LastValue(ValueWhen (PS,L,1)) ;//y (Low) last trough PR = PeakBars(H,per, 1) == 0; xb = LastValue(ValueWhen (PR,numberOfBars,1)) ;//x from last peak Yb = LastValue(ValueWhen (PR,H,1)) ;//y (High) last peak Title = Title + StrFormat("PS %g|%g|%g|%g|%g|%g", PS,xa,ya,PR,xb,yb); Trough_ReTest = abs((L/ya)-1) <Range; Peak_ReTest = abs((H/yb)-1) <Range; Trough_Cross = Cross(ya,C); Peak_Cross = Cross(C,yb); //UP = upSwing DN = downSwing UP = xb>xa;//upSwing DN = xa>xb;//DownSwing RT23_6 = IIf(UP,yb-(yb- ya)*0.236, IIf(DN,ya+ (yb-ya)*0.236,-1e10) ); RT38_2 = IIf(UP,yb-(yb- ya)*0.382, IIf(DN,ya+ (yb-ya)*0.382,-1e10) ); RT50_0 = IIf(UP,yb-(yb- ya)*0.500, IIf(DN,ya+ (yb-ya)*0.500,-1e10) ); RT61_8 = IIf(UP,yb-(yb- ya)*0.618, IIf(DN,ya+ (yb-ya)*0.618,-1e10) ); RT78_6 = IIf(UP,yb-(yb- ya)*0.786, IIf(DN,ya+ (yb-ya)*0.786,-1e10) ); RT12_7 = IIf(UP,yb-(yb- ya)*1.27, IIf(DN,ya+ (yb-ya)*1.27,-1e10) ); RT16_1 = IIf(UP,yb-(yb- ya)*1.61, IIf(DN,ya+ (yb-ya)*1.61,-1e10) ); RT= IIf(UP,-100* (yb-L)/(yb- ya), 100*(H-ya)/( yb-ya));//Retracement_ Value InZone = C<yb & C>ya;//use it for filter to receive only signals that are in in the Retracement zone. Buy = Trough_ReTest OR peak_Cross; Sell = Peak_ReTest OR trough_Cross; Filter = 1; AddColumn(RT, "RT%"); AddColumn(Trough_ReTest,"TR- Test",1.0) ; AddColumn(Peak_ReTest,"PK-Test",1.0) ; AddColumn(Trough_Cross,"TR-Cross",1.0); AddColumn(Peak_Cross,"PK-Cross",1.0); //AddColumn(CdDoji( )OR CHammer(),"Candle" ,1.0); //Plot(C,"C",1, 64); Plot(IIf(numberOfBars>xa, ya,-1e10) ,"Bottom" ,colorBrown, 1+8); Plot(IIf(numberOfBars>xb, yb,-1e10) ,"Top",colorBrown,1+8); xab = IIf(xb>xa,xb, xa); //Retracements Plot(IIf(numberOfBars>= xab+1,RT23_6,-1e10), "R2 23.6% Retr.",5,styleLine | styleNoTitle | styleDots); Plot(IIf(numberOfBars>= xab+1,RT38_2,-1e10), "R1 38.2% Retr.",5,styleLine | styleNoTitle | styleDots); Plot(IIf(numberOfBars>= xab+1,RT50_0,-1e10), "ZR 50.0% Retr.",colorBlue, styleLine | styleNoTitle | styleDots); Plot(IIf(numberOfBars>= xab+1,RT61_8,-1e10), "S1 61.8% Retr.",colorDarkRed, styleLine | styleNoTitle | styleDots); Plot(IIf(numberOfBars>= xab+1,RT78_6,-1e10), "S2 78.6% Retr.",colorDarkRed, styleLine | styleNoTitle |styleDots); // Plot the MOB Cloud Plot(IIf(numberOfBars>= xab+1,RT12_7,-1e10), "127% ext.",colorBrightGreen, styleNoTitle | styleNoLabel | styleLine); Plot(IIf(numberOfBars>= xab+1,RT16_1,-1e10), "161% ext.",colorBrightGreen, styleNoTitle | styleNoLabel | styleLine); CondA=IIf(numberOfBars>= xab+1,RT12_7,-1e10); CondB=IIf(numberOfBars>= xab+1,RT16_1,-1e10); PlotOHLC(Condb,Condb,Conda,Conda,"",ColorRGB(30,13 0,30),styleCloud, styleNoTitle | styleNoLabel); GraphXSpace = 0.5; //Plot(Gauss2ord(C,5),"M5",4,1); //GraphXSpace = 1.5; //Title = Name()+" per = "+WriteVal(per, 1.0) +" Close = "+WriteVal(C, 1.2)+ " ("+WriteVal( ROC(C,1), 1.2)+"%)" +" Current Correction = "+WriteVal(RT, 1.0)+"%"; //Plot( Volume,"V", ParamColor("Color", colorBlueGrey ), ParamStyle( "Style", stylehidden| styleOwnScale | styleThick, maskHistogram ), 2 ); _SECTION_END( );
  13. Ok , you should post any links and pictures you might have to help . Perhaps you should just download some of TRo's old indicators .
  14. Check the video out here ; How To Use The TTM Combo Wave He says you don't need wave b just a and c waves . The indicators are already posted here ; http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/trading-indicators/16938-ttm-wave.html Download and install indicator from the other thread . Place indicator in tradestation my work folder .Open this workspace and you should be good to go . You'll have to adjust the settings to your liking . Good luck and happy trading . TTM Combo Wave.tsw
  15. You can add Tam's paint the town red and a J pearly vwap and your thrunning !
  16. Thanks Tams ! hope your doing well .
  17. Works fine sir , you need the correct ticker ! right click, Format analysis techniques, format ,(select your indicator ) , scaling , scale on ; same as underlining data ! Done and any other changes you got to go under the hood (code )
  18. The wick zone is looking good there TRO . The Tradestation forum will never know what could have been (since you left). Nobody every gave as much as you . Best of luck to you Sir . Your ideas scared them Drain The Banksters !
  19. Alan Sqaure & Gann Lines ! Looks like a Star Trek episode but ........
  20. The chart has 3 moving averages. When they cross you make a trade long or short. The yellow highlighted area is done manually most likely . Go here and down load these indicators for starters . Good luck http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/technical-analysis/2788-chimp-s-new-futures-scalps-3.html
  21. Do a search a NinjaTrader version is posted on this site .
  22. CODE] Looks like one of them is here !You have to register and play by the rules to download . Post it back here when you get it . http://forum.as-1.us/redirect.php?fid=13&tid=2892&goto=nextoldset
  23. Above code works fine ; format window , chart properties 10 , 15 Check for a bad workspace problem
  24. Most likely the arrow is for illustration purposes ! To create the arrow you have to code that in easy language .
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