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  1. Here you go gbony218,good luck. Getting_Started_with_RadarScreen.pdf Getting Started - Session 2.pdf
  2. Mroy; If you use candles and increase the size of the "+" in the Dynamic Fib ShowMe, it looks like a thermometer! Over at stockmarketfunding.com they use a very sophisticated Algorithmic version of this indicator.Check out the videos at the site and you can see how Mario uses them.Dynamic Support & Resistance Lines are also good for drawling your own lines for support & resistance.Tro has another good one called Push HiLo! whatever the case you got to use what works for you.Good Trading Sir.
  3. Mroy:The Sr stands for "DYNAMIC SUPPORT / RESISTANCE" Load your indicator and the rest you can figure out on the job! Good Trading to you.
  4. Here is a little Tro gem that goes with that Tro Dynamic Fibs Sr.It is called,Shme_indicator2. It is the magneta and cyan dots in the attached picture.Thank you TheRumpledOne! SHME_Indicator2.txt
  5. Great work and all I got to say is thank you Tro.Here is another one must be for forex.Repost on TS forum TRO_FxGridiron2 and it has no date on it.Some day Tro will surprise us and release all those vintage ELD's. Does anybody have smaa tunnel & smaa tunnel targets for radar screen? Found a picture of the eld on a nobody website but the link is dead for the indicator. TRO_FX_GRIDIRON2.ELD
  6. Here you go Gridiron ELD found on a goog search.One of TheRumpledone's best.You can set the voice alert on this for max advantatge. 20050724170541$_GRIDIRON_INDICATOR.ELD
  7. IchiMoku Cloud version 2 Tradestation.Not a bad tool for support and resistance.Watch a few videos to learn how to use this japanese indicator.Here is one of many. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGrxL5U7YaY]Rob Booker Ichimoku Cloud For Stocks - YouTube[/ame] ICHIMOKU_2.ELD
  8. Hello,there are more settings:18,52,104 that's double the standart settings.Here is a good video on the Ichimoku Cloud by Rob Booker. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGrxL5U7YaY]Rob Booker Ichimoku Cloud For Stocks - YouTube[/ame]
  9. Hello Blue Ray,Good you re-upload because the link is not working.
  10. Hello Suri, could you post that here because your post is deleted at TS?
  11. Blowfish, the VOL_Splitt_OHLC_C & VOL_Splitt_OHLC are nice. What would the setting be for each in forex and then equities.A ball park figure would be nice.Anybody else here in the forums input would be welcome too.The default is 1,9999
  12. Happy New Year Tro and thanks for another year a great code!Peace
  13. Thanks for your reply, however tro quit ts a long time ago.Tro's work is top of the line stuff!I wish I had a converter program for different coding languages.peace
  14. I want to try to convert to tradestation and they are all mq4
  15. Does anybody have the mother loads in text format?
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