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  1. Hi,

    I can convert your indicator pending they are of interest to me.

  2. I am thinking to convert to Metastock from Tradestation and Ninja. Has anyone else here converted from TS to Metastock and can elaborate if Metastock can handle complex codes and heavy calcs/Cpu usage VS Tradestation ? Feed accuracy? Backfill? Tnx
  3. By enlighten us, you mean post a lovely chart where some curves turn and the price projects there along with bells and whistles and a cash machine running wild, and than some people would ask my indicators and start searching forums on the subject, and then I post my indicators per everyone's request and than they find out it does not avail any specific edge on the long run, and then they run the indictaors with a debug to find out nuances etc to no avail..... Then no,I have no specific chart that would illustrate the usage of Polycycles (which do not work, thus the debate here ). Its the train of thought that I am trying to start in this thread , hence the thread calls for pro's.... No offense meant old chap.
  4. Ok, Any pro that would like to get in the debate here please do. There are some great attributes to using Cycle Polynomials to ascertain market orientation/strength. I have played with combining Polynomial Cycles with other Trend cycle indicators Hilbert etc. Anybody else playing with this?
  5. Negative, Please check before commenting :>. They changed the security since prev versions have been hacked. Now every time you run it it calls home.EVERY TIME. Also it does host some calcs, check band leaks with version 5, check before commenting.... Furtheremore, Sniffers are bull. These are top Russian programmers.
  6. Maybe it would sound silly to you guys, but for me trading has actually helped with some bad times in my life. I.e. the total concentration it sucks out of you and the rewards are almost intoxicating . Some scholars that dealt with the question of "what is truely pleasureable" dictated that if one forgets of time and space while doing something, that something is pleasureable above and beyond...Thus , To a great extent online trading is the modern version of "Fishing".
  7. I am having trouble with platforms that are server protected by the vendor (Its a form of code protection, will not get into terms and details here),so in essence part of the calcs you program end on the "other side" , which to me is a breach of my privacy and security. I understand why they protect it that way, but having spent xxxxxxxxxxxxx hours on programming complex algos I wouldnt play them on this (hence why most of my stuff is on a Gui/platform I programmed...to answer some private messages i got here). NOTE: that if you firewall it, MC will not work, yeh I know I am going Orwellian on you guys but hey just take caution . If you disregard the above,All and all its a great program, with very good multicore support.
  8. Naked poc - i.e. Poc not touched post its creation will attract price with a good setup (your choice), unfortunately the news kicked in...
  9. Naked POC 4747. Looks good r/r down.
  10. If you want to be serious : 1) Refresh your math skills(take a course, no excuses...I said serious...). 2) Have a clear goal what you want to attempt. 3) C# is great (Ninja), Easylang is ok(depends on what you want to achieve, thus if you have very very smart ideas (like me ...lol) you will need to exe them on a platform that has no limits ( TS and MC are not the way to go , why ? well these programs cannot calc Multimarket analysis well at all unless you use Global variables, and for that you will need to know C# ...again its all in what you want to attempt). 4) If you are going for the pro stuff (I have been programming for over a decade , so from experience I must stress that the basics is what counts), you will need 1-2 years of experience to even attempt smart coding , if you want easy lang level - 3-6 months - with proper guidance .
  11. Requirements : A) Mental Intelligence + Discipline . B) Finance to allow learning. C) Proper Wife ( Best with a job [Nagging value diminishes exponentially]). D) Good house with an Iron room to keep the wife out. E) Kids....well...see point D. F) Programming ability. G) Yoga / Classical music (No Mozart(Drama queen) and No Screaming opera singers, Bach Piano is best). H) Must be calm, thus "Go forth and multiply" however this may be a problem with the Iron Room VS the wife, unless you have other means to releave yourself . I) Food , Proteins,Fibres, fruit, less coffee is better. J) Train : Gym, or Swim. K) Avoid chat rooms and "mentors". L) Know thyself. M) Do not trade while Drinking, especially Vodka which tends to make you go short all the time for some reason, no idea why. Well if you have all the above, I think that :3-5 years will do.
  12. programmer


    Ok, This is a great index to trade. Based only on 20 stocks, and quite affiliated with Europe. I expect it to go down further. I am short from 2093 holding for at least 2-3 more days since I see it going to its base based on lack of volume and distribution. The levels are MMath-320/Daily S/R/240 S/R. My stop is small at 2095 based on Mmath7/8 level which holds well, the reason is obvious based on recent market moves. Best broker IB. Slippage , small. Better suited to day trading, but position trading is good. Euro session. Info on IB+ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BEL20
  13. I agree ZDO. About a year ago TRO coded a strategy for TS that seeks to filter only stocks with gaps (X) and calc the odds that X would fill based on historical stats (I think its on Kreslik.com), if anybody wants to check it out. The nature of a gaps is enthused buying/selling which if negative to the open can put the market maker in trouble sometimes thus making them to seek "closure" and thus join the gap fill party, however today market makers are totally unpredictable even on that. I do not use gaps anymore apart from ZDO's approach.
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