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  1. Gotta agree with you. My method is so simple it is 'embarrassing' to say it aloud. I spent years looking for a secret or Holy Grail where none exists or if it does (like Goldman Sachs 98% success rate) they will NEVER share it with you. If you are profitable, keep doing what you are doing and do NOT allow your head to be turned by the latest" sure-fire" snake oil nonsense. If it make sense to you and works learn to enjoy dragging all that $$$ to the bank every month.
  2. There are lots of ugly secrets in this business. Newbies should know that whomever they choose as their broker, they will initially trade against you (iow, take the opposite side of your trades unless and until you turn profitable - which the majority of traders never do).
  3. Does anyone have the code for Mr. Lee's indicators?
  4. A simple litmus test for all gurus and so-called experts is to demand independently audited brokerage account statements from them. Makes for a very short list of authors worth following.
  5. Hi Tim, what is your highest probability, most successful setup? Please detail.
  6. I asked for a free trial of Larry's room years ago and was allowed in for a mere hour. The mod took a couple of trades that made no sense to me and subsequently lost on both. I think Larry himself is a successful trader but what he does on the floor has never been fully explained and I doubt it could be replicated on screen. I used to work in a Prop Shop and all we did was scalp. Temperamentally, it was a bad fit for me so I quit to go on my own. Therefore his room holds no appeal for me however, I really do enjoy reading Levin's daily rants about the markets and the economy - very incisive and truthful.
  7. Absolutely possible. Used to work in a prop shop, the top trader just used Level Two and Time and Sales and made a killing. Many tried to duplicate his efforts but to no avail.
  8. Ranger, great post - I concur. I personally do not use any of this stuff but enjoy the experimentation.
  9. Ranger, check this thread re: Macd with Hull http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/f46/macd-hull-moving-averages-2184.html
  10. estate1997 , perhaps it would be easier for all concerned to just post the elds for your posts # 33, 37, 39?
  11. Where, precisely did you throw this towel? I'm headed to the beach and need one.
  12. Good advice Blowfish. Just scour TS forums and you'll probably find it there.
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