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  1. Yes, I think a mechanical system would be best for my controlling type personality - set it and forget it. So that's what I tried to come up with - breakout strategy using 5000 share bar on the TF. Backtested back to Jan 4 with great results - 69% win with a 1:1.2 ratio. So, here's me a couple weeks ago, "oh yeah baby, I got this thing, screw you corporate america". So, I began real time trading it and promptly took 3 losses in a row to the tune of $450 each, so I stopped and said WTH. The last time this thing took 3 losses in a row was 5 months ago! So, then I start thinking about conspiracy theories, mkt manipulation, etc....
  2. I can feel the "pull" - I'm not going to be one of those statistics...
  3. LOL - Gin and tonic here...
  4. I wouldn't say I'm long gone, but I do have one foot out the door for sure. I'm basically watching and demo trading several strategies that I've "backtested". I use the term backtested loosely because I've seen that backtested strategies have also failed for me in real time - why? I don't know...and trust me the backtesting has been thorough - tick by tick through various trends and volatility - ad nauseum. As someone pointed out perhaps my expectations are skewed and/or I just have a hard time stomaching draw downs (risk averse). I'm keeping in touch with the markets for now in between looking at job ads, sending out resumes and talking to recruiters about my skills and why I would be the best person for the job, etc. etc.
  5. Funny, I've played this trading chart game, and I'll be damned if I don't knock it out of the park after a couple drinks vs. completely sober... http://chartgame.com/play.cgi?8ndkhv
  6. Anyone ever try trading with a good buzz going on...?
  7. Are you talking about margin requirements? There are different margin requirements for "patterned day traders" which is a term used in stock trading. I think firms have different rules/requirements regarding futures trading for those who employ stops and don't hold overnight vs. those who do. I'm not sure if these requirements are regulatory or firm risk management related.
  8. The way I understand it is, if the trade goes south, the loss amount should not exceed 2% of your trading capital. i.e. $20,000 x 2% = $400.
  9. Alright, so I took a few days off after the long weekend and I logged on out of curiosity - lot of interesting/varying responses. I sent out my resume for several, fairly crappy looking job ads, so we'll see. Just sitting here looking at these charts today and thinking about a statement that I read in a Steenbarger book where he says that trading and/or markets must be your calling. I don't feel that....unless I suppose I could make a boat load of cash and help others, etc. My problem was/is I feel like this MUST work and I think that's a dangerous mindset as I'm burning through my severance pay and savings. Anyway, thanks for the replies/support.
  10. If you need a little help, drop me a line.

    No cost.


  11. Well, after 18 months of researching, demo trading, live trading, webinars, trading groups, books, magazines, I have finally decided to throw in the towel. I hate giving up, but I have a family to support and this just ain't workin', so back to looking for another 9-5 hum drum job - oh well. Good luck to everyone...
  12. Thanks for the responses. I got a private message from someone telling me to avoid putting on an OSO type trade making the stop public as that could ruin a good strategy. I guess insinuating that stops are intentionally "run"...and, to be honest the "consperacy theory" part of my brain has thought that could be true. Opinions on that...do you think stops are intentionally run?
  13. I'm using Tradestation. Looking at the current day's activity, the range bars are forming bla bla, but if I close the session and come back the bars are different using the same exact range/criteria, etc.
  14. I like the way range bars appear in real time, but I've noticed that once you close the chart or session and come back, the chart is different - the bars are not the same as they were. I don't know why that is, but it has prevented me from back testing using range bars.
  15. Carter has mentioned exiting a squeeze trade on 2 TTM bars in the opposite color of your direction. I receive his free daily videos and not to dis the man, but it seems like every other week he's showing a chart with a different time frame using a different indicator - now it's the TTM wave. Back to the original post, I didn't see anyone mention using tick levels to determine trend or strength of the trend...
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