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  1. I am having problems finding new highs or lows when the macd crosses under 0 line. It seems to plot with cross above zero line. I am trying to reset the time with cross overs of zeroline. With cross over it needs to reset the time and from there start finding new higher highs and lows etc. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks {Start of code_____EasyLanguage__________________________________} var: HH(0), LL(0),TimeOK(false),start(0),var10(0); {"Macd Added"____Need to reset time or Start as macd crosses over 0 line-from Data2--Then Reset highs and lows and start looking from there for new Highs Lows from new start time____________________} inputs: FastLength( 12 ), SlowLength( 26 ), MACDLength( 9 ) ; variables: var0( 0 ), var1( 0 ), var2( 0 ) ; var0 = MACD ( Close , FastLength , SlowLength ) ; var1 = XAverage( var0, MACDLength ) ; var2 = var0 - var1 ; condition1 = var0 {data2 }crosses over 0 {data2} ; if condition1 then begin var10=time_s; var10=time; start=var10 ; end; condition2 = var0 crosses under 0 ; if condition2 then begin var10=time_s; {start=time ;} start=var10 ; var10=time; end; {High Low find from Time reset } TimeOK = time >= start ; if TimeOK = false then begin HH = high; LL = low; noplot(1) ; noplot(2); end else begin if high > HH Then begin HH = high; plot1(HH,"HH",red ); end; if Low < LL then begin LL = low; plot2(LL,"LL",cyan ); end; end;
  2. Thanks for your usual quick response. I may not understand but I think the Keltner channel is based on average true range . I need the average daily range for say 14 days, and at beginning of new day or session plot lines with average low and high of those 14 days. Thanks again.
  3. Can anyone help with making an indicator that will plot on the price chart , the average daily range for a session? I use Multicharts . Easylanguage is ok. Thanks
  4. Thats what I thought, ticks may be impossible to get the price at x time. Guess have to use minute charts for it. Thanks again.
  5. Will that give you the close of that bar or price of time? I tried something similar and got different results with different time frames. I was trying to get something that would work on any tick, etc. I need the open price at say 6:00 a.m. thanks for your quick response if time =opentime then begin openprice=open; end; With above I got different prices on different time frames?
  6. If I want to at say 6:00 am , take the price at exactly that time or I may change the time to 1:00 P.M., how do you program that? I want to assign that to a variable, that then will be used in code that I already know how to do, but am having problems assigning the exact price at a time. Please Help, it would be appreciated.
  7. You can only use Multicharts On one computer at time.
  8. Thanks Tams, I like price action indicators. Much appreciated. You post some good indicators. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks for your information and post. I get an error when trying to verify the below statement--needs more inputs??? alpha=div((aa*dd-b*cc),(aa*e-b*b));
  10. Thanks for your input, would you mind posting what you have for easylanguage so far, to see if we can help? thanks
  11. Center of Gravity Bands are quite different from the Oscillator. I know easylanguage , but not exactly how to convert from Metatrader language. It would be appreciated if someone could do it.
  12. Thanks Tams, I had the oscillator, but would love to have the bands that go with it. I have attached two pictures of it. Thanks again.
  13. Does anyone have Center of Gravity Bands coded in Tradestation or MultiCharts? It would be much appreciated for your help. Thanks
  14. Please post the indicator or picture of it, not sure what CqG means? Is it Center of Gravity Bands?
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