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    zdo reacted to mitsubishi in Knowing the Direction of the Market   
    NO ..............................................................
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    zdo got a reaction from mitsubishi in ,,,just Sayin...   
    So let’s go ‘beyond’ ...

    Yet if you review his trades, including normal trades and his outlier ‘country killer’ trades, and dig a little bit, rather than developing a knack at ‘narrative trading’ it turns out in each instance he had agents providing inside knowledge previous to the emergence of the situation, and he then spent considerable resources buying influence to manipulate each situation to the trade’s advantage.  Rich and famous, he “felt obligated” to write books about it, but (What I’m just sayin’ is) - he is lying in his books.  If some permutation of the concepts have not already occurred to someone engaging in narrative trading, the term and concepts of Reflexivity may help one conceptualize narrative trading better and maybe even help to participate more fully in the middle of moves... but they will not help in (instigating) and participating at the beginning... or in pressing and assuring that the outcomes go to extremes ... and the painful truth is many trend traders go broke 'successfully' participating in the middle of moves.
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    zdo reacted to divyanshisharma in Where Can I Get Accurate Trading Tips?   
    Yeah! That's my pleasure
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    zdo got a reaction from ChimpTrader in Gauge upcoming high volatility   
    Have you looked at tweaking  https://www.incrediblecharts.com/indicators/chaikin_volatility.php
    Basics =
    On charts:
    - statistically speaking, nothing has been found in markets that comes closer to following linear cycles than 'volatility'
    - statistically speaking, sideways ‘congestions’ are followed by ‘volatility’
    - statistically speaking, narrowing ranges are followed by expanding ranges
    “statistically speaking” means these indications give no "gauge" / information about the size of next move or the risks involved... only that ‘activity’ typically follows ‘inactivity’
    ie-with options, nothing (outside of astro) is reliably predictive of the variance of the next move...
    ie with buying options, you have to figure out a way to play all the major waves in order to be there for the outliers
    ie- hope you’re writing ‘insurance policies’ into screaming volatilty instead of buying them in dead volatility... who makes money ?  the insurer or the bozo who buys policies left and right... took taleb years to figure that out and he’s a pretty smart cookie... sorry  - off topic now.... and congestion time is due to end ...
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    zdo got a reaction from mitsubishi in Advice for Beginners....don't Try to Make Money.   
    Please design and write us "some tips, or links for beginners".
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    zdo got a reaction from mitsubishi in free dumb   
    Are you constitutionally illiterate?
    ... btw, the 'statists' started whittling away on the 'constitution'/ concept on day one... centuries ago... no surprise 'it' is in jeopardy now...
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    zdo got a reaction from Donald in Which indicators you like and why   
    PAn said "Indicators are absolutely worthless"
    To be more accurate, PAn should have posted "Indicators are absolutely worthless to me."
    Indicators are like any other measure or representation - worthless if you don’t know how to use them.  When I first started trading I studied indicators in depth then moved on... it was not until many years later when I got into automation that indicators and learning how and WHEN to use them became not “absolutely worthless”  but extremely valuable.
    PAn, somewhere a noob is in a Price Action thread trying to integrate new material.  Someone like you pops up and says “Price action trading is absolutely worthless. Indicators are all I need” .  Helpful?      No.   To really be accurate PAn should have posted nothing at all in this thread...
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    zdo reacted to mitsubishi in ,,,just Sayin...   
    If you want somethin done, guess you have to do it yourself-
    Bono is a virtue signalling, hypocrite boring traitor ignorant cunt.... and a fuckin RACIST
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    zdo reacted to MaxPastukhov in Forex Trading Vs Stock Trading   
    I invested a lot of time looking for profitable traders before getting into the niche. Something around 2-3 weeks of 12+ hours a day just to find somebody whose words I can believe enough to make any conclusions.
    I must say that I found profitable and believeable traders in both markets, but stock trading had much more of them. I found just 2 full-time Forex traders whose words I can believe. They don't sell any services or products, they just live from trading of their own accounts. Both of them are tired of trading.
    As for the stock market, there are a lot of people sharing their results publically. I found enough to make my own conclusions.
    There are also a lot of people who finally moved from future to stocks. It's just more profitable at the end.
    While Forex may seem more profitable at the very beginning becauase it's so volatile, the truth is directly opposite. Forex isn't "volatile", stocks are much more volatile by their nature. Forex gives you an illusion of volatility due to insane leverage.
    Taking into account average daily range of 0.1%-0.5%, you are trading purely noise. Being a software developer, I created an internal statistical analysis system to build price movement distributions. They are so close to white noise distribution you will be surprised.
    As for stocks, movements have clear signals in them. Yes, there is still a lot of noise when you are day trading, but just look at higher timeframes too see the difference.
    I would personally prefer stocks, I plan to convert my first product to stock trading simulator in the future. Forex is a good way to learn initial trading experience as long as you trade penny accounts, but I would stay away from it if I decide to get back to trading again.
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    zdo got a reaction from divyanshisharma in What is the best trading strategy suited for beginners in Intraday, swing or trend trading?   
    Well there you go nameat.  Follow that and you will trade "without bearing any loss"
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    zdo got a reaction from zupcon in Why Buy Trading Education?   
    Thanks for the text.  We would appreciate a post. 
    Here’s a sample (of size, not quality ).
    By the time you are ‘mature’ (maturity can come at any age) enough to trade, you have typically completed standardized ‘education’ and should drop the model asap.  In other words, conventional education model will not be effective for learning in trading and seeking a general education in trading, whether curriculum based or not,  is a waste of time and of whatever costs are incurred.  Instead, anyone ready for trading should also be ready for SELF education. Basically , to really thrive as a trader, I blve you  move beyond the currently failing ‘educational’ paradigm founded on the premise that humans can only make sense of the world via  communication with each other.
    On the objective knowledge front that means seeking out only the specific information about instruments, data, exchanges, transactions, orders, etc etc you personally need to fill gaps in your understanding.   The  beginning trader typically only has about 3 really (seemingly) ‘stupid‘ questions.  Ask them.  Get it over with.  The rest of things are easy to access and learn.  You don’t need no fkn ‘education’ in it.
    On the ‘sychological’ front, that means studying the opportunities and limitations of your own neurological and temperamental tendencies,  your sympathetic and parasympathetic balance and tendencies, your own limbic system, and the degrees to which you are susceptible to each trading ‘bias’ (see Daniel Kahneman, etc.)...,  your desires and what you do with them, etc. etc.  It takes deep self-study.  Reading about, taking courses, or even getting degrees in psychology won’t help you a fkn bit.  
    On the methods front, that means getting in the cockpit and getting real experience with real money so you will actually learn what methods best suit your true nature.  Do that before any outside training.  Once you have almost mastered your method then you will also know what exactly what you need to work on.  Get sufficient experience in your own best method(s), then seek an expert in that method for further increases in leverage.   
    With trading educators there is no transference of ability or capacity.  As I’ve said many times now, a teacher can never really teach you his method because there is simply too much differences between your perceptual maps and cognitive processes and his.  He will be unconsciously competent at things that he will never be able to ‘share’ with you, etc etc.   Wycoff could not teach you wycoff, etc.  Their  students can certainly not teach you wycoff, elliot, whoever. etc.   Trust serendipity / synchronicity -"when the student is ready, the teacher will appear".  ‘Education’ becomes a useless relic. 
    The ‘voice of trading’ IS trading education that says you need to move more and more into just running scripts instead of ‘playing’ at trading ‘creatively’ .    If you think you’re the special exception that can pull off changing yourself to match up with a ‘system’, which likely you do if you’re reading this, go for it - odds be damned.  Fail forward as fast as you can.  Maybe then you’ll realize you need to get beyond ‘education’. Maybe it will dawn on you that the ‘voice of trading’ has vast areas that nothing is allowed to be spoken about.  But, YOU need not to wait until old ‘voice of trading’ deteriorates completely and new media, etc. emerges.  
    Sorry I don’t have time to be queer this up or make it gender indeterminate for our precious ‘student’ snowflakes... or to be very respectful.
     Bluntly -  if you have to be ‘educated’, you’re not ready to trade.
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    zdo got a reaction from Donald in Why You Say Indicators Fail and Price Action Always Works ?   
    Insist? I let it go long ago... and just thank the lord I don’t need this place. https://www.theguardian.com/media/2018/jan/23/never-get-high-on-your-own-supply-why-social-media-bosses-dont-use-social-media'>https://www.theguardian.com/media/2018/jan/23/never-get-high-on-your-own-supply-why-social-media-bosses-dont-use-social-media
    My audience here is miniscule and I only need to do a better job with them...
    As far as damage goes...and “What chance is there for a return to the 'glory days'” etc - imo, the intolerance of the smart posters edges out damaging TL more than the bot echo chamber dumb posters do across the years. And neither are ultimately to blame. We’re looking at multiple generations now of dumbed down... and the results are starting to show.
    " never spoken" / “swear at the fukcre” - That’s funny, mits . To get passed off to a human quickly, I like to mumble
    Luvn AI .... dystopi

    Why You Say Indicators Fail and Price Action Always Works ? ...esp when AI uses indicators to 'create' PA
    shine on you crazy diamond
    ps CrzyCzry is the ultimate generalist... :rofl:
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    zdo reacted to mitsubishi in The obscene practice   
    Peoples Party= There's a few million reasons why I'm not into collectivism
    You see, this is why Farage is such a giant in politics. What he instigated with Brexit is difficult to measure at this point in time. It may be the beginning of the end of the one way street that is the tyranny of politics. History says the victory will be fleeting.
    There are certain things that you can count on continuing throughout your life time.
    1- The truth is irrelevant. Therefore liars do well in politics.
    2- The goal is to maintain power regardless of the human/monetary cost. Therefore socipaths do well in politics.
    3- The working practices of power are to carry out the agenda at the expense of the people. Therefore pedophiles and anyone open to blackmail do well.
    4- The only way to remove a political party is to replace it with another one. History has shown that this is an utterly futile process. There literally is no difference between one pedo or sociopath or KLEPTOMANIAC  to another.
    5- The only way to keep the people in this pointless voting charade is to allow a few human beings into the mix occasionally - just enough to give people hope that things might change. However, this is risky as we have seen with Farage.
    (I'm tempted to mention Trump but only because of how shocked the system was to see him win, not because he will change anything more than Obama did)
    6- There is a way to defeat this endless negative cycle but most people believe somebody else will come along and do the job for them. When humanity realizes that real change begins with the individual, things wiill change.
    (Hence why collectivism is the go to system for all parties regardless of what they call themselves).
    However. the longer we leave it the more difficult the task will be -The prison is becoming ever more sophisticated at an alarming rate.
    7- The trend can continue for longer than you can stay alive.
    There are only 2 choices at this point in time.
    1- Help to change things, regardless of the personal cost. Thanks for your sevice Nigel.
    2- Learn to love your slavery.
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    zdo got a reaction from mitsubishi in ,,,just Sayin...   
    Everything to the right on your chart is free information
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    zdo reacted to mitsubishi in ,,,just Sayin...   
    Seven years ago, Claire O'Reilly gave birth to her first daughter.
    Having raised two boys already, she thought herself an expert parent. But raising her daughter taught her an important lesson.
    From the start, Claire found that people treated her daughter differently to her two boys.
    You’re kidding! You mean there’s a difference between males and females? We can’t have that these days can we?
    She explained:
     If only millions of little girls started behaving like chimpazees as well ,things could finally feel a lot more normal around here.
    This made Claire realise that raising a young woman to be self-confident and independent comes with a whole host of unique challenges.
    That’s nothing compared to the unique challenge you neo liberal fascists face in convincing the rest of us to go along with your insanity
    Btw will you get a sponsorship fee for mentioning ‘Lego’?
    Because of this, Claire has vowed never to call her daughter beautiful.
    Imagine if you were described as beautiful occasionally….why it would make you suicidal wouldn’t it? It would make you want to disfigure yourself so that fat ugly lesbian SJW snowflake nazis and the useful idiots behind them could feel better about themselves.
    Instead, she opts to shower her in compliments about her ability at sport, her kindness to animals or her dedication in practising the piano.
    While Claire's parenting ethos may sound extreme, the facts appear to back up her belief that girls face disproportionate pressure to look attractive from a young age. In 2016, a study by Girlguiding UK revealed that a third of seven-to-ten year olds believe that they are judged on their appearance and a quarter feel the need to be perfect.
    Well, based on that, let’s re-engineer humanity
    Girlguiding... hahahahaha.
    I bet 100% of them feel the need to continue life as a female.
    So while never complimenting girls on their looks may seem a step too far, perhaps we could all do with distributing praise more evenly.
    You think it ‘may seem a step too far’? But what would make you want to concede that? Coukd it be that deep down you know 2+2 will never be 5, no matter how much your masters demand it?
    I would have thought transgendering infants was a step too far. I would have thought removing children from da parents who object to having their children butchered under da global social engineering programme were steps that were da steps too far.
    I woukd have thought believing one word in this fruitcake article is true may seem like a step too far. I woud have thought describing yourself as a journalist was a step too far. I would have thought calling your 'newspaper' The 'Independent' was a step too far.
    Just sayin’
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    zdo reacted to mitsubishi in ,,,just Sayin...   
    Apparently, the murdering psychopussy military industrial complex is suffering from 'Middle East Fatigue'.
    Oh dear, the poor little lambs must be bored of killing 500k innocent people and displacing 10 million others all based on a pack of never ending lies.
    Obviously, you won't need the host to give you a blow by blow account of how you're being treated like a 5 year old..
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    zdo got a reaction from Gamera in ,,,just Sayin...   
    I love trading... just sayin’...

    After all these years I’m out of practice, but I’m more adept at taking money on the short side ... and I enjoy it more... just sayin’ ...


    ... just sayin’
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    zdo reacted to mitsubishi in ,,,just Sayin...   
    Bush- 'Near perfect'
    Meaning- 98% useless
    A 95% success rate was claimed at the time, with then President George Bush claimingthat the Patriot's record was "near perfect". Over the following year however, the US Army lowered this estimate to 79% over Saudi Arabian skies and 40% over Israel. A later report by the General Accounting Office concluded that Patriot missiles destroyed only 9% of the Scuds they attempted to engage. The Israeli Defense Force calculated the hit rate at just 2%. 
    Scroll down to the photo if you want to see what the pigs in Animal Farm look like these days. These guys actually make the Nazis look pretty.
    Dumb, ugly, braindead fuckheads. Probably the gayest psychos in all of world history.
    Still, if you need to spend billions of dollars on murdering innocent defensless citizens, then these are the go to experts.
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    zdo reacted to mitsubishi in ,,,just Sayin...   
    This is the near future for everyone else.Enjoy.
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    zdo reacted to mitsubishi in ,,,just Sayin...   
    Hailing the city’s infamous equal pay policies which set off long-running bin strikes as a success on Thursday, Ms Daniel said that women are now paid six per cent more than men at the council.
    Rather than apologise for this “gender pay gap”, councillors boasted that this showed “the way forward” for other local authorities.
    The staggering hypocrisy of the neo liberals' useful idiot semi moron delta minus shitheads.
    It's not worth your time to debate fkcheads like these. It's far more productive insulting the the crap out of them instead.
    Why do they mentally ill need to advertise themselves to the rest of us?... I really don't get it.  http://www.breitbart.com/london/2018/03/10/council-pronoun-trans-identities/
    Remember, it's not the fascist neo liberal ideology that is the problem. That can easily be deconstructed.
    The problem is that way too many of your fellow citizens are born to be nothing more than useful idiots.
    Stupidity is THE growth industry. Everything else is being built around it..
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    zdo got a reaction from emt in Are spx Eminis liquid enough for intraday trading?   
    a single 100 car turn with a limit order in the ES does virtually nothing... try it
    multiple 100 car trades within a second or two sometimes 'causes' a tiny micro stir ... but never to the point of "consequently eating into his own profits"
    ... and if  is trading at that size, you would always be thinking 'avg position' anyways
    ie rarely clicking it all in at a single price level
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