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    I am Financial Advisor, Like to research and provide recommendations on stocks

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  1. Advice for Beginners....don't Try to Make Money.

    First learn, learn and learn then start paper trading establish your confidence and then invest little and see whats your results are.
  2. We Should Control Forex Trading

    It all depends upon the traders who are willing to get good returns and does not care about their money to lose.
  3. Curious investor

    I don't think it depends upon presidents background!
  4. High Probability Forecasts

    From the recommendations given here are actually seems to be the high profitability forecasts.
  5. Real Estate or Stock Market?

    Both are good but...you can lose in the stock market but never in Real Estate. This is bitter truth so invest according to your experience on both fields.
  6. Gold Traders Treasure

    It's always to buy gold rather than buying other metals, 52% of traders are recommended to trade in gold.
  7. How do I interpret candle stick chart in stock market?

    It just need practice and practice and practice to understand the pattern in charts.
  8. Why Buy Trading Education?

    You can't buy education of trading instead you find the right person who actual do trading and stay under him/her and learn as much as you can.
  9. Here's The Secret To Avoiding The Biggest Mistake Traders Make

    Great article to understand the mall mistakes which become big in Stock Market.
  10. Which indicators you like and why

    "Moving Averages, Oscillators, Woodie Are the only indicators that i like to use for trading.
  11. Oil Trading

    I could not say rather it simple, but will definitely figure out it.
  12. Quantitative Strategies

    Please ask for the English Version of it.
  13. Whats your favorite trading software?

    MT4 is good for Forex trading and for Domestic, I Prefer Zerodha's Kite Trading Software.
  14. The prevision at the time of investing is the best ally

    I have heard many times about these scammers, but never gone in touch with the victims, anybody??
  15. Trade in Nifty50 and Bank Nifty Index to minimize risk of loss.

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