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  1. Hi everybody, I got some end-of-day-data for the cme-corn-future. For example, 358^6 cents (opening price for march 2015, 20.10.2014). I don't understand why "^6" is shown, because one tick corresponds to 1/4 cents, so I would expect quotes with 0, 0.25, 5 and 0.75 cent. Can somebody bring light into the darkness? Thank you.
  2. Hello everybody, just want to say hello. I'm a beginning trader from germany, who is going to make it. But my first trade is still awaiting me. Reading books like "Beating the the forex dealer", "Reminiscenes of a Stock operator" or "Flash Boys" made it clear to me, that the markets are like a swimming pool full of sharks and that the pros are out there to get me. So I'm still in study-mode, preparing ... On one side the possibility of making some money is driving me to the markets, on the other non-mundane side is that I would like to know myself (e.g. emotions) better. I imagine that I can play the markets just by centered perception and acting without thought. Looking forward to have a good time here.
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