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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I had a questing regarding limit orders being executed on fast moving stocks such as "morning gappers" that pop really fast once the market opens. I sometimes don't get filled unless I place a limit order +20c above the ask and sometimes more...For anyone that scalps morning gappers, what would be your strategy on placing limit orders that would get executed more often? I love to use hot keys also, so just wondering how other people use limit orders when entering and exiting fast moving stocks? For example I like to place a limit order on the ask +5c intra day. For morning gappers I usually place +20c on the ask (due to slippage). Thoughts? Thanks
  2. Dear traders, At Yadix, we understand what traders need to succeed and we would like to update you with the latest broker developments for 2018 Q2: We have reduced our spreads by up to 60% across all forex symbols. We have added new liquidity to offer the lowest spreads in Forex. The average spread for EUR/USD is now 0.13 pips. You are invited to login to your MT4 account and review the amazing reductions in our raw spreads and also benefit from our exclusive ECN rebate program and discounts. Execution statistics have been added to the site for trading transparency and to highlight the benefits of trading with a true STP broker. Through low latency technologies, hosted at the Equinix LD4 our traders benefit from 78% filled at the requested price or better, 28% filled with improved prices and 99.4% executed in 15 milliseconds or less. We have introduced a new VPS provider that offers great stability and 99.9% up time, with faster connectivity to Equinix LD4 server and much higher technical specifications. You can benefit from lower latency and faster execution, by claiming a free VPS with reduced qualifying deposit. Discounts are now available on our ECN trading accounts, where you will benefit from low cost ECN trading, forex pairs $2.50 per 100,000 traded, to ensure all Yadix clients have access to best institutional level conditions with small deposit requirements. For more information, please feel free to contact our team. Best regards, Robert Taylor Business Development Yadix Forex Broker Telephone: +44(0) 20 3239 6117 Web: http://www.yadix.com/ E-mail: support@yadix.com Skype: yadix.forex
  3. I am new to short term trading, been investing for 20 years but have spent the last 2 years reading, studying, watching and learning shorter term trading and doing well enough to keep going but this problem scares me. I trade on Fidelity Active Trader Pro and I put a limit buy order in for 500 shares at $7.79, the DOM showed 5800 shares in the que at the bid of $7.79 and 6200 shares at the ask of $7.80. My order of 500 shares bumped the bid at $7.79 to 6300 shares and I watched the time and sales, to my amazement after some time a total of 8760 shares were bought at $7.79 along with thousands of sub penny hits before the bid/ask moved to $7.80 then up and up. How did my limit at $7.79 get missed if it was placed ahead of 2460 shares that came in after me? The order I placed was place using the smart routing feature. Could somebody please explain how this happens, I have other examples with some of over a 15000 share difference. I don't get it and feel I need to understand why this is happening. Thanks in advance.
  4. I read in many forums silly comments like " XYZ Broker is scam because I was slipped" and wanted to open a discussion, just to understand what people generally think slippage is and why it happens - as a small experiment. As a trader that relies on very good and accurate fills, I have self-educated myself over the years and understand it. I have to to choose the best brokers with conditions and execution that suits my scalping EA Look forward to hear your opinions.
  5. Hello- I am in the process of setting up my trading system for Futures. I am little reluctant to proceed with Trade Station because of the data problems I've been reading about with them lately. I am thinking of using Ninja/Zen and either Mirus or Velocity Futures as the broker. I'd like to know your experience with the speed of getting data and placing orders with such a Ninja based system - since most of the work in Ninja (especially for advanced orders) is done client side and not Server side. Do you find you miss opportunities, get bad fills or does it seem to be fast enough to allow you to be competitive. Thanks Khepfere
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