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  1. I have been trade at Yadix for just 6 months, but I am very surprised at the quality and value trading conditions so far. There are not many true STP brokers with solutions for micro trading, EA trading and decent leverage options available. The ones that are are usually rubbish execution, but Yadix is very positive on spread, consistency and execution speed and accuracy. One small thing as we know, STP broker cannot offer crazy IB commissions like a dealing desk broker can especially when low cost trading is offered. I forgot to say that all withdrawals are paid in few hours and deposits are instant, great service
  2. I read in many forums silly comments like " XYZ Broker is scam because I was slipped" and wanted to open a discussion, just to understand what people generally think slippage is and why it happens - as a small experiment. As a trader that relies on very good and accurate fills, I have self-educated myself over the years and understand it. I have to to choose the best brokers with conditions and execution that suits my scalping EA Look forward to hear your opinions.
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