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    Yadix Forex is an ECN/STP broker offering superior execution in a fully regulated environment that is ideal for EA systems including scalping robots. Yadix does not operate a dealing desk meaning that there is no conflict of interest, this allows Yadix to offer beneficial trading conditions including no trading restrictions on Stop Loss, Take Profit or pending orders and no re-quotes.
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  1. Dear traders, At Yadix, we understand what traders need to succeed and we would like to update you with the latest broker developments for 2018 Q2: We have reduced our spreads by up to 60% across all forex symbols. We have added new liquidity to offer the lowest spreads in Forex. The average spread for EUR/USD is now 0.13 pips. You are invited to login to your MT4 account and review the amazing reductions in our raw spreads and also benefit from our exclusive ECN rebate program and discounts. Execution statistics have been added to the site for trading transparency and to highlight the benefits of trading with a true STP broker. Through low latency technologies, hosted at the Equinix LD4 our traders benefit from 78% filled at the requested price or better, 28% filled with improved prices and 99.4% executed in 15 milliseconds or less. We have introduced a new VPS provider that offers great stability and 99.9% up time, with faster connectivity to Equinix LD4 server and much higher technical specifications. You can benefit from lower latency and faster execution, by claiming a free VPS with reduced qualifying deposit. Discounts are now available on our ECN trading accounts, where you will benefit from low cost ECN trading, forex pairs $2.50 per 100,000 traded, to ensure all Yadix clients have access to best institutional level conditions with small deposit requirements. For more information, please feel free to contact our team. Best regards, Robert Taylor Business Development Yadix Forex Broker Telephone: +44(0) 20 3239 6117 Web: http://www.yadix.com/ E-mail: support@yadix.com Skype: yadix.forex
  2. Dear Memebers, We are happy to announce significant upgrades to the Yadix partnership program for the benefit of IBs, affiliates and EA developers: Multiple earning models to choose from Higher Earnings, as much as 55% of the spread Many Marketing Tools: Banners, Landing Pages and leading promotions Mini-sites available in 20+ languages for 53% better conversion New white label options for successful IBs or Affiliates Submit your EA for review and make your robot visible to thousands of EA traders. Learn more by visiting http://www.yadix.com/partners/ and speak with the team. All the best, George
  3. Yadix VIP Traders can expect the lowest trading costs and the highest service levels at all times. Not only will you save costs on your trading activity, you will access private cash backs, gifts and a personal account manager to help you with trading at Yadix. Lower Trading Costs - VIPs benefit from raw spreads as low as 0 pips, low commissions and the most competitive final trading costs Best Bid/Ask Pricing - Execute your orders on the best real market prices from 15 banks with best bid and ask pricing No Trading Restrictions - By Trading directly to liquidity banks with no minimum trade sizes, leverage up to 1:500 and ultra-fast order execution. All Strategies Welcome - Our liquidity and technology set up means we provide superior order execution quality for HFTs, EAs and manual traders. Free VPS - All VIPs receive a free VPS with a high specification and an average ping time to our London trader servers of just 2ms. Account Manager - Your Account manager will care for your accounts and can help with funding, withdrawals and are available for one-to-one consultations to help maximise our leading trading environment. For more information, please feel free to ask any questions or visit the Yadix Broker live support chat. Best regards George
  4. Dear traders, we have received many queries about the Yadix Instant Rebate program, so I would like to add some further details that highlight the exceptional value of this program: Number of Rebate Levels: Four Rebate Levels: ECN - $2 per lot Classic- $3 per lot Standard Rebate - $10 per lot Super Rebate - $12 per lot How Do Rebates work? For every trade you make, Yadix will pay you back a part of the spread or commission of your trade How Are Rebates Credited? Rebates are credited instantly as soon as you close your trade, to your MT4 account. Withdrawal Restrictions? There are no withdrawal restrictions, rebates are credited as cash and can be traded or withdrawn. Restricted Trading Strategies? Yadix does not restrict any trading strategies or EAs. You can benefit from unrestricted trading conditions on the account that suits you and earn the most Rebates. How Much Cash Rebates can I Earn? What you earn is up to you, there is no set maximum amount you can earn. The more you trade the more you will earn To review the program fully, please visit: http://www.yadix.com/forex-trading-community/promotions/Instant-Rebate-Program/ Best Regards George
  5. Dear traders, We are happy to announce that the Yadix Rebate Program has been awarded the "Best Forex Rebate" program in the industry. The Yadix rebate Program offers four levels of Instant Rebates up to $12 per lot. Instant Rebate Benefits: For every trade you make, Yadix will pay you back a part of the spread or commission Rebates are credited automatically to your MT4 account as soon as you close your trade Your Rebates are automatically credited as cash so you can choose to transfer them to your trading account, save them or withdraw the cash You will earn the Rebate for each trade you make whether it is profitable or not Yadix does not restrict any trading strategies or EAs. You can benefit from unrestricted trading conditions on the account that suits you and earn the most Rebates For more information, please feel free to ask or visit the support live chat at any time for help. Best regards, George
  6. Dear traders, As rebates are growing in popularity, Yadix has launched a unique automatic rebate crediting system with rebates available up to $12 per lot. The program offers many unique benefits that I would be happy to discuss and answer questions on. So please feel free to ask and I'd be happy to answer. Best regards, George
  7. Hello Adam, Sorry for the delay in responding. If you visit the support chat they will give you the link to register a corporate account, you can choose the same account types and conditions. Once your new account is registered you can become an IB from the client area and start to register your investors. You will benefit from your IB rebate and your performance fees. In regards to performance fees timing and rates, we can give you the full flexibility that you need. Also, once we verify the performance and risk level, if low risk we will be happy to add your public profile to the PAMM community so you can benefit from fresh investors. If you'd like to contact me directly I am available on partners@yadix.com Regards George
  8. Hello, yes, we often add new liquidity to ensure low and tight spreads. Whenever we add new LPs, we send out a press release to update our clients. Two new liquidity providers were added during the weekend, feel free to login a see the spreads. Regards George
  9. Dear Traders and Forum members, Yadix has reduced its forex spreads across all currency pairs. We invite you to check our spreads and trading conditions, we are sure you’ll agree they are competitive: EURUSD Spreads from 0.1 pip Our forex ECN accounts offer the most competitive forex spreads, and when combined with fast order execution and deep liquidityyou too can benfit from the finest forex trading experience anywhere. EURUSD Forex Spreads at Yadix: Pro Account: From 0.1 pips - Benefits: Free Forex VPS Scalper Account: From 0.1 pips - Benefits: Low minimum funding - Free Forex VPS Classic Account: From 1.1 pips-Benefits: Forex Bonus / Rebates / Gifts Rebate Account: From 2.1 pips - Benefits: $10 per lot fixed forex cash backs I’d be happy to answer any of your questions regarding the new spreads and account types we have on offer. Successful trading George
  10. Dear Forum Members I would like to update all traders/readers that following a review of our Scalper Account conditions, a decision was made to reduce the commission of this account from 0.65 to 0.5 pips per side to allow more favourable and cost-effective trading for our clients. A reduction of 0.3 pips per lot traded! The Yadix Scalper Account was designed to make Raw Spread trading available to forex traders of all levels with affordable account opening, especially for profitable Scalpers and Expert Advisor traders. Scalper Account Advantages: RAW SPREADS: From 0.1 pips Low ECN Commission: 0.5 pips per side Specialist Liquidity Providers: Ideal for Forex Scalpers Inter-Bank Trading:Trade directly with forex markets (no market making) Transparency: 100% transparency on the STP/ECN Forex Model Account Opening: Only $500 Successful Forex Scalping To operate a successful forex trading strategy, there are forex trading conditions that your broker must deliver. At Yadix, we have designed a unique trading account that allows even the most aggressive and profitable forex scalpers to trade without restrictions or issue. Dedicated liquidity providers connected to the Yadix Scalper account give us the ability to comfortably accept scalpers. There are no stop levels or limits, no time restrictions and true market depth that allows trade sizes from 0.001 (micro lots to 100 lots) Profitable EA Trading For clients that trade forex using profitable Expert Advisors, the Yadix Scalper Account not only provides the lowest cost trading conditions available for a low investment, but it also allows accurate and fast order execution based on RAW SPREADS (direct market pricing), anonymous order execution protects your profitable trading strategy. Please contact us for more information on the new Scalper Account conditions or other account types available at Yadix. Happy trading George
  11. Dear readers/traders In support to our introduction post, I have decided to share more information on how profitable traders can benefit from Yadix. Why are Profitable Trading Strategies Problematic for Brokers? Forex traders who run profitable forex trading strategies can often have problems in finding a suitable broker that can accept their trading systems, honour the relationship and efficiently return profits without issue. Whenever a trader is too profitable for a particular forex broker model, the broker can often freeze accounts, ban trading, manipulate feeds and refuse to payout profits. Yadix tackles these issues from the most basic through to the most complex elements to make sure that all profitable forex trading strategies, systems or scalping robots are welcome. How can Yadix Accept Profitable Trading Strategies? The Yadix set-up has been designed with these profitable trading strategies in mind. From the technical set-up, fast order execution flow and the choice of Liquidity Providers, these are crucial aspects to provide the environment where you can trade without restrictions. All orders are executed automatically through our main data centre through the Equinix Financial eXchange under the same roof as leading forex banks. This ensures super-fast order execution with little or no latency trading. Protecting your profitable trading strategy is key. Orders are executed anonymously, with no indication of trading style, stop loss or take profit order history. This means that the Liquidity Providers (leading FX Banks) cannot track trading history and affect your profitable forex orders. Because of this, Yadix can any trading strategy without limitations including the most aggressive scalping robots, profitable expert advisors and other traders that make consistent forex trading profits. All withdrawals are processed within 24 hours of receiving the request. All of our clients, no matter the account type benefit from no stop levels or limits and micro lot trading across all accounts. Thanks for reading and I hope that you found this post valuable. Please feel free to leave any questions. BR George
  12. Hi masivepips, thanks for the comments. I am available to answer any questions readers. Regards George
  13. Yadix is an ECN/STP broker offering superior order execution ideal for forex scalpers and EA systems including scalping robots. Our trading conditions include no trading restrictions on Stop Loss, Take Profit or pending orders and no re-quotes. Yadix specialises in accepting profitable traders, aggressive trading strategies, scalping systems and all other strategies. About Yadix Below are listed some of the most important aspects of our trading conditions and scalping policies for your review: Trading Conditions for Scalpers, EAs and Manual Traders: • True ECN/STP Broker – No forex strategy restrictions • Low Spreads –Starting from 0.3 pips EURUSD (live feed available on site) • Deep Liquidity – Direct access to multi-bank liquidity • No Conflict of Interest – Anonymous trading protects trading strategies • No Trading Restrictions – Pending orders, SL, TP with no stop levels • Valuable Rewards for all Traders – Visit site for more information
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