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  1. Hello- A little help would be great. If someone could code two simple indicators - would be greatly appreciated. I use these in TS but want to also use them in NT - its been a long time since I've coded and my time is limited (due to current 9 - 5). The first one is Chick Goslin's 3 line indicator. (From his popular book Trading day by day back in 2004/2005) http://www.tradingdaybyday.com I've include the code from a TS post (code is in the public domain) I find this indicator to be pretty good at signaling trends and reversals (especially uptrends). Although it is simple - it is one of those things that just seems to work (I'm using it for 150, 300 Emini Tick charts) The second is an exponential moving average of the ratio of buy to sell volume plotted as an oscillator around zero. Thx Code fo Chick Goslin's Goslin Trigger.txt
  2. Thanks JJTT. You're right - I was sloppy with my wording (up too late). Instead of saying the 'forerunner' or 'foundation' what I really wanted to convey was that the whole Klinger-Goslin methodology appears to be using the 'same' principles of Distribution, Accumulation, Divergence and Exhaustion as VSA (in other words, incorporating volume and price action just like VSA as opposed to other methods that ignore volume). Granted they are different 'systems' based on these same principles but the underlying principles appear to be very similar. Which is why I was curious to get some thoughts on this from the VSA community.
  3. Here is the full URL for my previous post (the last few numbers got cut off) https://www.TradeStation.com/Discussions/Topic.aspx?Topic_ID=59409
  4. I am posting to this thread - since it seems like the most logical place to start the following dialoque. (This may have been addressed already in this - thread - however it didn't show up with a search) https://www.tradestation.com/Discussions/Topic.aspx?Topic_ID= The above thread in the TradeStation Forum discusses the concept of the Klinger-Goslin, Klinger-Goslin-ATR and related indicators that appear to be the forerunner and fondation for VSA. As any one looked at these in this forum? As anyone converted the EL that support these (found at above link) to NT? Curious to hear feedback. It appears that these approaches may be just as powerful as VSA but a lot simpler to process and handle mentally.
  5. Agree 200% with BF. The tone of some of the requests for BluRay is not cool. BluRay is our friend not our .....(fill in the blank) Let's treat him with the same level of respect that he's shown to everyone in this community.
  6. Agree 300% with this. In fact I called them about this - they agreed that they currently do not have. It is completely annoying to open up another data/trading package just to see market internals
  7. Thanks everyone for your responses to this thread - very helpful
  8. My Bad. Not trying to spam. Just trying to ensure exposure. Nex time will just go with one post. Thx
  9. Hello- I am in the process of setting up my trading system for Futures. I am little reluctant to proceed with Trade Station because of the data problems I've been reading about with them lately. I am thinking of using Ninja/Zen and either Mirus or Velocity Futures as the broker. I'd like to know your experience with the speed of getting data and placing orders with such a Ninja based system - since most of the work in Ninja (especially for advanced orders) is done client side and not Server side. Do you find you miss opportunities, get bad fills or does it seem to be fast enough to allow you to be competitive. Thanks Khepfere
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