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  1. By the way, the amount of interesting and valuable information here is outstanding. I wonder why there almost are no active threads. When I read the forum and see something interesting or worth discussing, I just look at 2008 or 2012 as a date of post to remember that I'm not a necroposter. So, I just wandering around, reading it carefully and liking posts
  2. I invested a lot of time looking for profitable traders before getting into the niche. Something around 2-3 weeks of 12+ hours a day just to find somebody whose words I can believe enough to make any conclusions. I must say that I found profitable and believeable traders in both markets, but stock trading had much more of them. I found just 2 full-time Forex traders whose words I can believe. They don't sell any services or products, they just live from trading of their own accounts. Both of them are tired of trading. As for the stock market, there are a lot of people sharing their results publically. I found enough to make my own conclusions. There are also a lot of people who finally moved from future to stocks. It's just more profitable at the end. While Forex may seem more profitable at the very beginning becauase it's so volatile, the truth is directly opposite. Forex isn't "volatile", stocks are much more volatile by their nature. Forex gives you an illusion of volatility due to insane leverage. Taking into account average daily range of 0.1%-0.5%, you are trading purely noise. Being a software developer, I created an internal statistical analysis system to build price movement distributions. They are so close to white noise distribution you will be surprised. As for stocks, movements have clear signals in them. Yes, there is still a lot of noise when you are day trading, but just look at higher timeframes too see the difference. I would personally prefer stocks, I plan to convert my first product to stock trading simulator in the future. Forex is a good way to learn initial trading experience as long as you trade penny accounts, but I would stay away from it if I decide to get back to trading again.
  3. Hi, My story may sound familar to anyone with software development background. I'm an experienced software engineer with 20+ years in the market, mostly trading my own products. Unemployeable since 2003, when I launched my first successful venture. I came into the market with an idea of becoming a consistently profitable trader in few weeks, then develop some tools for personal use which may become great products over time. But I soon found that I can't be a trader and a software developer at the same time. Trading is about earning screen time but I always missed every hour without coding. I almost gave up, when I got support from active traders I met along the way. The solution was to focus on what I'm good at. Not trying to become a trader but rather developing products for other traders. It seems like a failure but it was the answer for me personally. I'm still at the beginning of the journey, my first product (Forex Simulator) isn't perfect yet but it's evolving really fast. I hope to make it the best product on the market in the next 3-6 months. I came here to learn from successful traders, to help them make their work more effective, profitable and fun. It will be great to get any feedback: ideas, suggestions, feature requests and bug reports. I can also help others who are following the same route. With my 20+ years in software business there is a lot to share.
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