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  1. No trades for the 16th, actions for the 17th. I'm tying myself in knots watching the lowest time frames, it might be worthwhile watching higher time frames once the trade is open.
  2. Actions for the 12th. The end of a terrible week.
  3. Actions for the 11th. The PA this week is as clear as mud on the lower time frames and I find myself getting frustrated for most of the session.
  4. Actions for the 9th. I'm frustratingly slow at times at picking up on what is happening.
  5. Actions for the 5th. Turned out to be choppy for most of the session.
  6. Actions for the 4th. Frustrating day.
  7. Actions for the 29th. I've been on the defensive since Monday trying to get to the end of the week positive, this was never going to end well. I also find myself taking trades well away from highs or lows and end up getting chopped, I need to be more patient.
  8. Actions for the 28th. Its hard to avoid being swayed by the outcome of your most recent trades.
  9. Actions for the 27th. Lots of trades again, still finding myself getting swept into the small moments and failing to see what price is doing in terms of the bigger moves intraday. I realised I have tightened up somewhat as I try the get to the end of the week positive without risking too much, this will be my undoing.
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