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  1. Would you happen to know if all the above about TOS are also true with Open E Cry?
  2. My posts # 230,261,322,324 on the Beyond Taylor thread may useful for helping to determine the longterm trend. They discuss and illustrate the stages of longterm trends using the cash S&P.
  3. No it isn't for sale. Sorry.

  4. Daytrade the emini? Do not do it. It is TOO dangerous. It is a gamble. You could lose money.
  5. This is exactly why you should NOT trade long on a SD UNLESS price trades below the BD price and does so within 1.5 to 2 hours of the open. In such a case you would go long on the BD violation under the BD low and the sell the long on any rally back towards the low of the previous BD. Hopefully, there will be a rally that goes back to the buy day low and even penetrate it but if there isn't (such as in this case) and the market is about to close then one takes whatever the markets gives one. The trade for 11/23 was: Entry time was around 10:36 around 1261 to 1263 Exit time was around 2:43 1168.00 to 1170.00 Not many points but the market was weak all day on wed 23 nov You don't short SD. You can only go long on BD violation or sell longs from previous BD.
  6. tomm 11-15 is a sell day. i would only go long if within first 1.5 hours in trades below 1143.00. In that case i would go long then sell on any rally back to or thru 1143.00
  7. Been a slow grinding down day. shorting around 1258 to 1254 right after the open of day session and looking to cover anytime now before the close around 1240 to 1244 is the capture of the bigger swing today. However, since it was a slow grind down I just did several scalps during the day. But the larger move was still there. In the night session I see it made a high of 1270.75 and after that just a slow grind down all night.
  8. Livermore knew the markets and he knew human weakness. Both are seen in the book. Even though he knew what to do he didn't always follow the correct path. Hence his life shows a passion for the markets, and understanding of them, the errors that can be made, and human weakness in avoiding the errors. True the markets have changed somewhat today but the lessons are still the same because humans are the same and the markets are still the markets even though the players have changed and the methods have changed. I see his book more as a story of ones mans experience with his passion, the markets, and the mistakes he made. Me thinks we can always learn from others experience. The failures of his personal life were also probally directly connected to his passion of trading the markets. Could be a lesson there for us too?? Strategically and tactically there are some lessons that can be learned that would even apply even in todays markets. The finale is a sad story, however, one must view it in perspective of where Livermore came from ..his roots... his rose to fame..his ever increasing passion..his failures in the markets and in his personal life... and his wanning energies as he got older. I suspect he just didn't think he had to in himself to go through it all again to get back to where he once was and his failures in his personal life were a heavy weight on him. And that was something he couldn't undo. He could always come back in the markets but his marriages were over with. I think the weight of it all was just too much for him. But that certainly doesn't mean nothing can't be learned from his life. Much can.
  9. Tolkin monday 11-14-2011 is a BUY day. It will probally trade up to 1266 -1271 near the open and then trade down. Odds favor a down day for the day session. However, it would have to trade down within the first hour to 1.5 hours of the open of the day session. Otherwise, it may be an up day. Also the high may be made in the overnight session. If it is then one would be shorting the open of the day session probally below 1266 (if it is a down day) Only time will tell if it will be a down day or an up day but the odds favor trading down within first hour of open of day session. So, what would I do? I would look at the night session shortly before the open of the day session and see what the trend has been. If in the night session it trades thru 1271 then I would still be looking to short but would wait for it to tank out... then short. My basic strategy would be to look to short. If it trades down in the overnight session then I would probally be shorting below 1266 and shorting soon after the open. One other but unlikely senario. If it trades down in the overnight and the day session opens near 1230 to 1240 I would look to go long right after the open. Unless, it opens and right away continues down rapidly. In that case I would still short and would be shortly near 1230 -1240. Much depends what happens in the might session and then in the first 15 minutes after the open of the day session. Hope this helps. Again, my basic strategy is to be looking to short tomm soon after the open but depends on what happens in the night session.
  10. You do realize don't you that you can go long on a sell day (second day of the cycle)? When the sell day makes a low early in the session (within first two hours) that is below the low of the previous day (which is a buy day) When that happens then you go long at the bottom when the market stalls and get out on a pullback up to or just thru the low of the previous day (i.e. the buy day).
  11. I knew Mr O wasn't any good for the country from the very begining as was made known in posts by me in this thread several years ago. But, the proof is in the pudding. Now that we have had several years of Mr O time has shown I was correct in my assessment. As concerns Mr Paul. He is the ONLY candidate out of all the candidates that actually stands 100% for the constitution. However, he has no charisma..is an old man..rambles some..so Americans will probally not vote for him in sufficient numbers for him to win. The reason is several fold: 1) Americans love a winner and Ron Paul doesn't come across as a winner. 2) Most Americans do not even know the constitution so how can they determine if a candidate stands for it or not. About the only thing Americans understand or remember about the constitution and bill of rights is "freedom of expression" and the right to own arms. 3) Since Americans don't know the constitution they vote for economic reason and "winner reason". They want their candidate to win. To win he has to come across as a winner. And he has to have economic policies that make them think he will bring prosperity. Our present foreign policy contradicts the constitution. Our present economic policies contradict the constitution. Our federal gov contradicts the constitution. Ron Paul is the only one that addresses those issue and relates them to the constitution. But ..alas he doesn't look like a winner nor talks like a winner. I ribbing mr reaver but alas he has disappeared I suppose so he cannot respond to the pudding.
  12. Well Reaver you springing for Ron Paul this time after several years of Mr. O?
  13. Just messing with you Urma. Thanks for the charts. Interesting! May not be so good for good ole yank pride??
  14. Blinking Americans. We just can't stand to think we are the followers in anything can we??? We just gotta be the leaders. Well Urma might have just set us up as the followers! MMM....globalism...anybody can lead....mmm. Urma this is too much surely the US has to set the tone for Europe and Asia??? Please tell me we do.
  15. Urma you have really complicated things! Now we have a new kind of chart with two opens and one close!
  16. I would suggest picking one instrument (maybe ES). Set it up with a 5 min candlestick chart, volume bars, and a 20 EMA. Watch it live for one month at least. Take note how price behaves around: 1) 20 EMA 2) AM, Midday, Afternoon 3) Around previous swing/low swing/high 4) Around other resistance/support points 5) When there are breakouts 6) Pullbacks In general get a good feel for the movement of the instrument with only the EMA indicator. Watch how volume and price action correlate as trading takes place especially around resistance/support areas. Do this for 30 to 60 days writing down your observations. With this foundation then develop your trading plan. Keep focused on one instrument and learn it well. hope this helps
  17. You must have bought the manual and it didn't work for you or why else are you so antagonistic to the mention of someones website that may deal with the issues this thread is about?????????????? I am not promoting the website. I just mentioned it as a place that looks like it deals with the issues raised so why don't you cool it Mr obnoxious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:frustrated:
  18. Ok after one month let us know how it went. Seems like I read somewhere that you should buy the basic course first before doing the webinar???? You might want to look into that.
  19. here is a little more info for reading Anyone familiar with No BS Trading? - Page 2 - Trade2Win Forums
  20. how much is it? no prices are posted there for the webinar??? i just know he deals with the issues this thread raises. might be a decent site. might want to google his name and see what you find out????
  21. cheap enough eh? why don't you get it and let us know how it goes??
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