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Found 13 results

  1. Just thought I would contribute to the community by posting Daily Analysis using Auction Market Theory for Emini & Crude Oil trading. Check back each day as I will update daily. Friday's Analysis
  2. Sorry I started a new thread as the thread before had Friday's date on it. I will post an analysis video once a day in this thread, hope it helps! Market Profile Crude Oil Analysis Monday 8.11.14
  3. Okay, so much like the "Reading Charts in Real Time" thread, this thread will be for sharing ideas about future price moves of all the e-mini index futures. Any styles or strategies are welcome, but please do your best to share the thinking behind them! So to get us rolling, I have an idea to put to you. Below is a chart of the ES. Take a look before reading on. My idea is a sell on a failure to hold 1320. Volatility has increased over the past few days and frequently this is seen at extremes of markets. It is also in a triangle formation with lower highs and higher lows. So far it has resisted attempts to close in the minor 3 day balance highlighted. A close in or below this balance could see at the very least, a liquidating selloff. My entry idea would be either to sell a retest of the minor balance high around 1334 if we test and fail to break the prior balance high(red line) at 1320. Or if we fail at the balance high at 1320, fade any move back towards it. Any thoughts?
  4. This live Market Profile room is run by Kevin "Huddy" Hudson. Has anyone experience his MP method or trading room? And good or bad reviews on this before I take the plunge. The room fairly priced at $79/month or $895 lifetime access to room and weekly training seminars which are $595 for each 4-6 hour seminar to get everyone set-up. Thanks in advance....
  5. Discussing things on the Day Trading the E-mini Futures, VPOC shifts are a topic that are bound to come up seeing as we do talk frequently about volume profile and market profile. So, for Tom(roztom) and me and anyone else who'd like to join in, I thought I'd start a discussion thread devoted to the very topic of Volume Point Of Control shifts.
  6. Hi All, I have decided to finally sell my original copy of Jim Dalton's "Field of Vision" - after watching it so many times that I know it off by heart! Less than half price... currently on my Ebay page here, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/120885358360?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649#ht_526wt_1336 Many Thanks
  7. I recently started a series on my blog about the evolution of my trading, beginning with my trading using the eminiwatch method which consists of sine wave cycles on multiple timeframes. When I got rid of all that my results improved quite a bit but there was still one problem - the psychological issues! I would do anything to avoid a loss. And that had to change. So I set out to change my thinking and my beliefs so that I can accept small losses and keep them small. It's not easy to do and I had a small relapse yesterday but overall I'm making a lot of progress. I've been writing about all this and I'd love to get some feedback on it. I've been journaling it as I go and my results are improving daily. So I hope you will find it useful. The series starts here: A look back on my journey - Part 1
  8. Hi All, Since joining the forum, I have come on leeps and bounds with coding, with special thanks to TAMS and Blowfish for there help. I now have a tool box of self written codes, that I will post shortly, feedback and improvments to these would be greatly appriecated. Is this the forum for them or should i post the codes in the Indicator section? anyway, I'm stuck on a couple of easylanguge functions i'd like to code. The first is based on principles from the legendary Don Jones of Cisco futures.. I'd like to plot the highest and lowest price that has traded on 3 30min bars over an inputable number of days. In market profile / value trading, highs and lows represent rejection. A price that has traded 3 times is classed as value. Hope this explains what im looking for. I have checked all my EL books, but obviously what im after is quite specific. The second is how do I code an OCO pair in EL, as some of my sim strats will bang in orders left right and centre (stops staying on ect). I've also noticed that if code a Long Buy@ market order, the Sell short order doesnt seem to get triggered on the sim. The Sell does plot when i code it as dot on an indicator. Finally with the stops do i have to code them twice in for each order? ie if close > open then buy next bar at market setdollarstop[50] if close < open then sell next bar at market setdollarstop[50] or do I just place 1 stop at the end of the two orders? Thanks in advancve VT
  9. gregn

    O/n for IB

    Does anyone here use the overnight session to establish the Ib? Obviously, 930 to 1030 is typically the IB, but I ask because XTrader uses the first two periods of overnight for the IB.
  10. Antonio, I am trying to write a EL to identify a tail on a 30 min chart on easylanguage. I cant seem to get started. Could you please help me a little bit on that? I dont know how to use array. Do you need array? Thank you!
  11. //Market Profile //version 1.71 // Author Unknown // //December 17, 2007 // //Market Profile based on volume distribution //Program plots volume at price for various time frames as specified by parameters. //Program also displays the instantaneous volume and cumulative volume for the chosen time frame at bottom of screen. // // //Known Issues: version 1.71 //Program has been tested with QP data for EOD and eSignal and iqfeed for real time. //Code works well for EOD data. //Real time has 2 issues: // 1. Occasionally display has to be shrunk or expanded to display properly. // the problem arises from computing the first visible bar and Quick AFL changing the number of bars available // when time frames are changed or dissplay is shrunk or expanded. // 2. Real time display is organized in two groups. Display for one full day and display shorter time periods. // The shorted time periods do not work properly and the opions is inhibited in the parameter settings. // //The code is heavy on CPU usage and it is useful to run it once at the end of each bar for real time. //Compiling code may be useful in speeding up execution. // // //SetBarsRequired(10000,0); // Functions - Real time data: Compute_RT_Intraday_1, Compute_RT_Daily, Compute_EOD_Weekly, // Functions - EOD Data: Compute_EOD_Monthly, Compute_EOD_Quarterly // Functions - FindFirstBar, DataCollect, DataReconstruct, PlotChart, PlotVolumeStats, Plot_POC_UVA_LVA. // Functions - Verify Volume - Generate error message if volume is not available // Functions - UpdateDynamicVars - Create names for dynamic variables // Functions - ComputeDataBlockParms - Compute values for each block. Use start and end markers for blocks // //globals. VMP prefix used for all globals so they are unique to this module. Market Profile 1.71.zip
  12. Hi... For the last couple of weeks I've been very interested in MarketProfile. Finally I took a small step, to download MarketDelta and play around with it just to get a feeling. I'll will certainly have to read a lot, but I couldn't wait to start this up :helloooo: so.... But then it suddenly hits me... Is this doable in our stockmarket, Copenhagen OMX, Nordic Exchange. I've attached a screenshot of Novozymes, could somebody be so kind to explain something of what I'm looking at and what I should be looking at :missy: This is only intended as a small teaser for my self You know.. something I can work my way out from, I learn best from examples that I can relate to! Kind regards Janus
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