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  1. Has anyone been "bracketing" the news? Meaning have both long and short orders ready before news announcement is released, then once it's release, one order will be filled and the other will cancel out (OCO)? Of course there are techniques to correct the trade if it whips saws around? Never tried this, but just curious if anyone has been successful with it.
  2. I dont post much, but I was reading through this thread and there was a mention of the BullsEye, WaveTrend, and BullsEyeForecaster....I second this!
  3. That is crazy. If this is true, it seems to make sense. Back when Huddy mentioned he was getting his Seriese licenses and said he was setting up hedge fund and to email him for info....I did think it was odd and strange and out of the ordinary for live room owners.... If this is true, how is it confirmed?
  4. Just found this old thread. I'd figure I bring it back from the dead, LOL Here is my Corn trade from yesterday, April 27, 2012 Traded 4 contracts, quick $850.00 Starting to look at ZS and ZW as well... Folks on this thread still trading these babies?
  5. wow, what happened? method is not good? his daily vids seems to be accurate and overall profitable week to week...no? just wondering....
  6. this guy has an autotrader with it, hmmmm. anyone out there see his vids? he has quite a few youtube viewers...
  7. anyone see his videos on youtube? pandastockpicks.com? it seems the method is kinda safe taking 1-2 trades a day? anyone know how to set up the method? or do i have to buy special indicators? or can I use free ninja indicators?
  8. Like I said, it goes both ways....SHOW US YOUR LOSING STATEMENTS to prove to us to keep our day jobs...until then, you are no better than those rooms who dont provide their statements like you said..... If u dont want to show us, then just give a us some lame excuse of confidentiality or something..... your argument goes both ways....
  9. I'm not here todefen eminijunkie, and your probably right. I'm just saying u can be profitable by creating and compilng your on system that is a fit for your own mind set. By the way, you stress that your not profitable, do u care to show us your statement? It works both ways, shows us your statement to prove to us that we should stick to our day jobs.
  10. If you totally believe that one should stick to their day job, then why are you in this forum??????????? even if i was profitable, WHY WOULD I SEND YOU MY STATEMENTS, when you have a bad attitude and just plain old unhappy with yourself. The bottom line, why would i help you? no way in hell would I help a person like you. Enjoy the rat race...! Leave the forum then. Why are you in this forum then?
  11. "stick to your day job" ?? wow...i know all trade rooms are not perfect. but to tell everyone that it is a lost cause and to 'stick to their day jobs' is a little bit much.....you and i know that there are retail day traders out there that are making it....its just finding and compiling a system to call you own and trading it consistently.....i have learned you need to gather up all the tools, indi's, strategies, and piece them together and tailor it to your type of mind set, emotions...and whalla! you can make it..... believe me, i have been burned and blew my account up a few times trying to trade someone else's system in their trade room. That system may be profitable to them, cause its tailored to their personality and mind set, not mine. so i have come really close (i hope) in gathering up info, indi's, strategies, etc...and tweaking it, and tailoring to my mindset and personality and my "max-pain-cry-uncle" draw down.....it may work for me, but may not work for others...... this is what i have learned so far........
  12. I totally hear what you say, I dont disagree or agree with you. But here is the thing....every night when he posts he vids, I go to my chart and plot the trades with the video. They do show up, really, they actually do show up per his entry rules.....The thing here is that he will show either the extension fib trade or the regular fib trade. So many skeptics might see a video successful trade , but you you plot it yourself, its not there, the reason is that the videos showed a successful extension trade, there by when you plot manually, the regular fib trade never triggered, but you needed to draw the extension trade. This is what everyone is questioning when they dont see the successful trade on their charts, but it was actually a successful extension trade..... also, what people may think it was a losing trade and was never posted in video, was actually a trade that was signaled, but never triggered per his trading plan rules, like the "9 tic" rule, which is the big requirement. i truely believe this is also a reason why the skeptics are saying that a trade was a loser but never posted, it was signaled, but never triggered for a trade..... Here is where I am at, I have been trying other rooms to hopefully find something to replace EJ, havent found a good one to bump EJ off. Would you have any suggestions with a live room? I am not ready to trade on my own and need a live room to help me to that point.......
  13. i have been with EH since Oct 2009, never seen that....but, then again, why would he lie in the videos knowing that member would see the video? maybe when a video trade is a fast extension, some members believe that this might be the issue and to believe its inaccurate.....just my thoughts.....
  14. I will have to disagree with EJ not let you question. In the live room, we all ask him to explain the trade, and he does. On his videos, I have personally and other have as well, questioned him on certain trades in the members forum, and he does reply and explain.... So I dont know where you get that he doesnt let us question him. If he doesnt, then everyone will know in the room, because he has live chat on Omnovia, and everyone can see what everyone is writing to him.....so how much transparent can he get? the rooms that use gotomeeting and dont have visible chat are the ones not transparent.
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