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  1. Sound advice, The best simile I've heard to describe what you are conveying is... "Don't eat like a bird & sh*t like an elephant" I.e. Dont take lots of small profits & then one huge loss. All the analysis should be done BEFORE you put the trade on, once you've entered, set your stop and ACCEPTED the possible loss, Identified an ACHIEVABLE profit target - let it play out.
  2. I chanced upon this rather interesting blog, would be interested to hear other members opinion. http://andihammer.com/stops-or-not-to-stop-that-is-the-question/
  3. Further to my original post, checkout this motherload of HFT infomation. Nanex - Ongoing Research - Market Events and Phenomena. Hope you all find it of interest, I certainly did!
  4. Excellent post. Allow me to add my two pence (or cents) worth... Futures Market Heatmaps. Markov Models for Commodity Futures: Theory and Practice by Leif Andersen :: SSRN Markov Models. Trading systems :: Breakout Futures The Guys a genius. Free codes & Strats.
  5. My personal view on technicals is that they (the levels) are created by opinions on fundamentals. But that's a discussion for another time! When they Author lists & defines all the underhanded goings on, It really does show trading up for what it is...Swimming with sharks.
  6. From Bundesbank "High frequency trading and market implications - from a central bank perspective" http://www.nanex.net/aqck2/3556/English%20version%20of%20HFT-speech%20at%20the%20TRADETECH%20conference%204th%20July%202012-1.pdf An interesting read!
  7. MoM is a great book, Also check out the venerable Don Jones over at Cisco futures dot com. There you'll find a website positively engorged with information for the Market Profile and Auction Market / Value trader.
  8. Excellent! will have a play around with this now. Thanks Tams.
  9. Hi Tams, Thanks for your speedy reply How would that look in code format? PlotPB(high,close,"bears",Red); plotPB(low,close,"bulls",Green); Is this correct? I was messing around with different PB statements which I keep a log of using a txt. document, this way I can see how the code develops, and make I make a note of what the changes do. I pretty sure that the code sample above gave me bars of all the same colour (whichever PB statement is declared last). I've also tried compiling the two statements as separate codes and running them together, but the colour becomes whichever is the last one i apply to my chart! :bang head: Thanks VT
  10. Hello All, I'm wondering if it is possible to have more than one colour in the Same PaintBar? Eg. low to close red, high to close green. I have scrutinized my EL literature (reference guides, getting started, EL essentials etc) but alas have found no mention of it. A Google search has also draw a blank. Many thanks VT
  11. I agree with Ronnie & Josh, time based charts are of limited value. Indeed, Peter J S, the Creator of market profile no longer uses time charts either, he trades straight off the volume profile. Like you've mentioned Josh, I like to use CV bars, as I like to see the structure and you can quickly decifer a trend or rotation market. I like to use round numbers on these, although I don't trade the ES, when I'm viewing it I have it set to 5k contacts. For me, it helps with seeing where bigger buyers n sellers are doing business. / I've never seen the point if averaging the volume and dividing it by 24, which I understand is common practice with CV bars. Surely that's just a proxy for time based trading. Would be interested in others opinions on this, positive or otherwise ... VT
  12. There's two ways to approach your question. 1. Even if you choose to avoid the shockwave volatility of data releases, doing 10 minutes research will stand you in good stead for understanding Why the market is doing what its doing. Eg revised figures causing a reversal. 2. I could code you a basic easy language study, which you'd have to convert to Ninja. I'm thinking along the lines of a time based "warning" or alert linked with a short term ATR style indicator which would give you a green light when volatile drops below a user inputable level. NOTE: you'd need to paper or similar trade it first!
  13. Looking forward to your posts, it will be a welcome rest from the usual technical analysis flim flam that's bounded about.
  14. Why you so protective of RSI. Trying to get it to work? lol You call me arrogant, but you feel it correct to speak on behalf of the world vs me! PM me and I'll give you the company I'm employed by details. If you then contact the FSA in the UK they'll be able to confirm My P&L and account size. I trust you'll do the same, however I don't think your bedroom is regulated by the FSA. I'll let you have the last word Adrian, you need practice with your spelling!
  15. Adrian. Oh Dear! At the end of the post you are referring to, I wrote " Doesn't Matter How You Dress It Up Bs is Bs". So from this sentence anyone with a functioning brain could have guessed the general theme of the reply, but not you Adrian! In your hurry to supply a witty retort, you've completely missed the point of my post, and possibly made yourself look stupid. Allow me to answer in a manner that you may understand. I WAS BEING SARCASTIC. I was pointing out that regardless of what indicator / system used it can be proved to be successful with hindsight. Cointoss System, again Adrian, I was being Sarcastic. I'm not a vendor & I'm not selling or recommending anything so why should I give a shit about my reputation. All my codes are posted free on this forum. Maybe Adrian, you should contact the moderator and suggest a new rule forbidding questioning vendors posts, as you seem so protective over them. A healthy scepticism prevents us from all being robots Adrian. Now go tidy your room.
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