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  1. i have to agree that you have to learn and study. but to go back to your analogy the best pilots are not those that do well in the sim, but those who have had their butt on the line. case and point, but not a flying analogy. while this is not life and death, me and a buddy went to idaho this summer. i have fly fished all my life. he has not. he is a much better caster than i. he loves the idea of fly casting/fishing. the first day we caught nothing. he was depressed. i had a beer. the next day same thing. next day, he caught nothing and i reeled them in. what does this mean? just because you are better, does not mean that you are. if you are good and think you are, your mistakes are compounded. if you know you are flawed you except loss and your mistakes are minimal. if you are good and think you are, your success seem great. if you know you are flawed, your success is protected. back to flying. both fly through the storm. at the end pilot A is shot and cant land. Pilot B is shot but lands anyway.
  2. i think that what most do not get is the purpose of trading. trading is not make a killing, trading is make X consistently. my goal was and still is to make $300/per day per $50k. In the beginning did i have 50k. no. but i traded as if i did, just scaled down. newbies and veterans alike get lost in the OMG trade. do they happen, well duh. of course they do. but they are rare and gravy on the top. the best advice i can give is this... trading = income, investing = wealth. trading is who cares what the trend is, investing is where is the trend. which are you? there is no wrong or right answer. just stop looking.
  3. And what about pilot B. One who has flown through the storm, the last plane in before they closed the ramp, one who has landed a crippled plane. SIMs are awesome, but there is nothing like the real thing. you want a guy flying the plane who has simulated crashing, or someone who almost has?
  4. if you are a beginner the best software is pencil and paper or a spreadsheet. i have been at this for years and KISS. computers have made the majority of people lazy.
  5. you are still trading and that is the most important if this is what you want to do. i am back guys. and for good. lots of family stuff over the past year(s). we can go into that later. trading success really takes only one thing. discipline. but discipline does not mean going down the wrong road blindly.
  6. I AM BACK. been a while guys. sorry about that. family, non-trading obligations, etc. but we can get into that later. the strategy depends on what you can trade (capital), time commitment and what you are comfortable with. i personally have a long term ETF position (always in the market), a midterm stock position (25 stocks max), and a short term FX position. Choose your poison and i will point you, not spoon feed you the way. The reason I say point, is everyone is different
  7. anticipation is the first cousin of hope. you don't anticipate and you don't hope.
  8. the call is scheduled for 10am CST.. but here you go.. 2Q10 Earnings Conference Call Webcast - About McDonald's
  9. after taking almost 2 years off for personal reasons, i am back trading. for those that know that i sail, i finally did it....took the plunge and sailed the world. and for those that wonder the roaring 40's is not for the faint of heart. they make a black monday or a flash crash look like childs play. but its time to get back in the saddle. enough of the lounging around like a pirate on the beach.
  10. there are a few here that will back what i have to say. 1) forget everything that you learned in college. the best traders that i know barely graduated high school. 2) listen to no one. there is only one master and it is bid/ask 3) money manager and trader are two different animals. but enough of the a-hole trader speak....welcome to the new world.
  11. i know that i am late to this party, but if you get hit with netsky or any other virus you cant get rid of shoot me a note. no charge so dont worry about this being spam. from my other biznes got a hacker on the payroll and not a virus he cant get rid of. may take some work on your part but usually doesnt require a re-format. three keys for the windows guys. keep winders updated..download ccleaner and malware bytes...everytime you close the browser,run malware then cc and you will stay clean. and keep both updated.
  12. i don't mean to sound like a broken record here, but what does a MA cross represent? PRICE. but i am going to leave that alone for now. i am going to be the first to say, if you think you can trade it and it works for you, "GREAT and GOOD for you." i actually know a trader that has MA's as part of what they do. but think about what you are wanting the cross to tell you. you are wanting buy or sell. and while it can be that easy, what made you take the signal? if you say the cross, then you have merged two parts of a strategy. SETUP and ENTRY. they are not the same. either a) the cross is the entry and something occurred beforehand or b) the cross is merely the setup and something else has to occur before you take the signal.
  13. @sick where did you get that pic of my ex? but on the topic...P&F, Price Pivots not to be confused with pivot points , and DOM
  14. i do not advocate the numbers directly, but the scale. or maybe the process is a better term. it is something that i found early on and is given to me by a bond futures trader. its % of capital based on a risk $5k to $7500 = 10% or $500 $7500 to $12500 = 7.5% or $600 $12500 to $20k = 5% or $625 $20k to $32500 = 3% or $600 $32500 to $50k = 2% or $650 $50K + = 1% or
  15. i have and will always be a currency trader. after all it is what makes the world go round. futures have their place and i still trade them, but my game is now the spot. and was my game before my recent break from trading. with the ability to vary leverage at the click of a mouse, it is hard to beat. as for your strategy, i whole heartedly agree with DugDug. if your strategy really works, it would work even on those money robbing mutual funds.
  16. just to get me back in the swing of posting. for long term investing: * fisher's "the only three questions that count" * lichello's " how to make a million", yeah i know it sounds cheesy but worth the read * domash's "fire your stock analyst" * towery's "wisdom of wolves" * and while we are it " art of war "
  17. This is my first post in a long time, and all I have to say about the IRS is to take a line from one of my favorite movies: "In the matrix there are rules. Some can be bent and some can be broken." The secret is to know which is which and have a good lawyer. i am not afaid of an audit, but I would hate to lose.
  18. Man you guys have been busy, and the site looks great. I apologize in advance for doing the vanashing act, but I have to admit that I had hit a burn out stage. So I took some time off to recharge. Stopped trading. Got on the boat and went for a small sail. But I am back now and look forward to some enlightening discussions on our favorite topic. bootstrap
  19. mike.... i have not been active on here lately for several reasons. but i saw your post pop up and thought i would give you a clue...(currencies are all i trade...not to be confused with invest) the opening range of the base currency is what you use. and that is why you cannot use the defaults of the software you use...so is you trade the noraml US market and trade the EUR/USD it is the open of the EUR in Europe....the fun comes in when you trade the crosses... hey jason.....if you see this you want to give him a pointer....the student becomes the teacher...and there is nothing ne.
  20. the door is now open...all you have to do to finish the trip is walk through. i have been away for a while, but good for you.
  21. AHHH. the million dollar question....EUR, CHF, CAD, JYP.... time frame...all of the above....10 mins..... slippage is part of the business son..make your orders stick to them, protect them, but run like the devil when wrong.
  22. Currencies are all I trade. Mainly futures but do watch/trade the OTC FX markets, especially on announcement days. If I was a newb, and know what I do, there is no way I would enter the FX market. The pond is full of sharks. The pond may seem big, but there be big sharks in these waters. On the flip side....Just as any futures trader keeps an eye on the spot market. If you are an OTC FX trader, I would highly recommend that you watch the futures.
  23. no ego here. i don't have to share this. and i would have to say that you are correct on every other point. but what if this little game shows the newb's why entry is not the key? what if it shows what is the key? i really have nothing to prove. i can disappear into the thin night air, and never look back. all you guys have to say is go away, and it is done. i just thought that some might gain a small insight to the process that is all. they get to watch a disciplined trader go through the steps. take those trades after a string of losses. take money off the table when it lookslikeyo uare bout to hit that home run. not question what they are doing, but believing in themselves and the process.
  24. i have the 5 tick trading plan if you want it...PM me and i will send it to you
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