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  1. A small lesson - from the markets. AUD/JPY is probably my favorite pair to trade - because really sticks to price Trading is all about PRICE. Yes it is. Look at the yellow circles - see what happened? Hindsight? , well, look at the last top(resistance) yellow circle to the right and compare to what's happening now. Actually in one of my late post yesterday I mentioned AUDJPY holding support . That would be the last yellow circle (support) If you really analyze this charts, your eyes and, like my mentor used to say, you won't be trading on your toes anymore.
  2. USD-JPY - Definitely Forex sticks to price like a gum in a truck's tire...I had this 125.05 line running since Monday...Damm didn't see that trade!!Well, anyways, can't complain..
  3. M looking for 263 again? It's so easy to trade mini's . Just unbelievable how predictable indices are..
  4. The Dow is heading down into new price discovery - I could short it but it's Friday - I tend to be less aggressive -
  5. EUR-USD 1.0940 - see how the market sticks?
  6. 17,317 has proven many times to be a sticky price in the Dow.... Trading is ALL about price - charts is just for visual aid..
  7. Long mini dow - I had one short filled earlier - let's see what happens - 2 contracts.. Testing live multicharts - so far doing a great job..
  8. EUR-USD trade last night was a loss - but...I got my money back and some change on NFP This is the sole reason why I would never trade with a market maker - you just can't trade the news..
  9. EUR-USD - Resistance is holding . Currencies are going to move very slow during the Asia/london session until Non Farm tomorrow - Despite that, I am going to let this trade cook overnight and will see in the morning before the announcement. Note: something that traders don't realize - Make sure you know beyond reasonable doubt how your broker handle stops. Market makers (forex) are a lot better these days than 10 years ago. Still, won't hurt to ask, especially if your broker is a ECN or has no dealing desk. If you're trading currency futures, then your risk is greatly minimized as order will be sent to the the exchange.
  10. AUD-JPY - support @91.35 holding - would be something to see at the asian market
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