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  1. Two ways to go about it, and both ways are easier (specially option2 ) if you have means of supporting your lifestyle independent of trading incom. option1 For those that are well funded ie have enough dough then they can afford lower performing stratgeis as mentioend by other prior posts( I think it was kiwi ) I didnt have time to read all posts. option2 For those that dont have a lot of dough, its still ok... actually it not a handicap, you will be forced to work harder to find a better edge. Infact for those in this situation, even if its not obvious at the time, you are inherintly in a better position to beome potentially much better traders then those that rely on their larger capital. You will be forced to find an edge that has-- High probability, High profit expectancy, and Low Risk, they do exist. You will have to work harder and give most of your free attention to this cause. I dont see this as problem... as long as you dont have the pressure of supporting your self via trading income. option3 ( I dont recomend this for everyone only for those that have been around the markets long enough to understand them and the risks associated) set aside small amount of money whcih you are 100% ok with losing and using maximum leverage shoot for home runs which can, when you are correct, at minum double your money. do this long enough until you reach your desired capital. keep in mind there is another side to this coin... Once again this is not an option suitable for every person.
  2. Gabe... it's much easier to just Talk a big game. Here is the real truth for anyone looking for genuine mentor. If they accept you they will let you visit them for as many consective days and watch them trade LIVE REAL MONEY and they will show you their past statements. They are very picky about who they take on. They ask a lot of questions prior to accepting someone. They dont advertise, word of mouth is all they need. They are so busy that you will never see them on forums looking for business here or any other forum. And they are primarily Traders and only take on a hand-full of clients per year. They are seeked out ...they dont seek clients.
  3. Ktartarotti, Currently you have a big ad running that will attract all vendors to you. In your OP you did ask them to leave you alone, but that wont stop them. I can see that you have at least one vendor that has responded to you several times. The best way to get the information your looking for is to use the search feature and do a lot of reading and then ask suddle question. you will then get a feel for the different personalities that post here and their motives. Some post here because they are lonely, some are wanabes, some need to vent, and some are here to learn and to share and finally there the few that truely serve other traders and share some very valuable trading knowledge. When your at that point then you will know who is giving you answers that will genuinely help you and who is trying to sell you a service. One last thought... until you can convince your self, independent of others opinions, that trading profitably can be accomplished, you will allways be walking on very shakey ground with respect to trading. Specially in real trading situation where self reliance and confidence is key.
  4. IS, That code by default will break the profile at the date change. No way fo getting around it that I know of other then making some programming changes. Tkae care
  5. IS, That code by default will break the profile at the date change. No way fo getting around it that I know of other then making some programming changes. Tkae care
  6. Your most likely getting an array bound error ... if so Change the compress input in this manor, increas that input by 1 until the profile is ploted. note: by doing that your telling the indicator to combine X ticks as one tick. where x = the number of the compress input your using. Or your using TS costum sessions charts... if so the code as is will not work with costum sessions charts. Take care sep34
  7. Zunaa, I agree ...beyond 10-15m is really to high for daytrading. After all Time is an important variable in daytrading as there is a limited amount of it in each session. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The only difference between a 1m price pattern and 60m price pattern is TIME. That same price dynamic that causes Tweezer pattern or Long hammer line or Inverted Hammer or any other reversal pattern ( too many to list ) has specific dynamic/pattern that can be seen on any interval. no need to limit your self to a specific Interval to see high probability reversals -- at the same time there is nothing wrong with using a 30 or 60m or what ever chart as a confirmation if its needed. For example what is a 60min Tweezer if not a Double Bottom/Top on a lower interval ?? The key piece of the puzzel is where these patterns occur, other wise they are not as high probability.
  8. DD, I don’t post that often but I liked the OP and I felt I understood or could relate… so I figured why not. I didn’t go into more detail, its very hard to go into detail and at same time offer something useful, specially because I don’t know much abut your trading . I only explained the diversification since It’s easy to carry that across as general idea that can be apply to many combination of styles. Trade-management is difficult for most and specially the profit taking, which falls under the trade-management subgroup. What helps me is to my confidence in getting the trend right… or better put the market condition right more often then not and Im not talking about the micro term trend i.e. the 1m or 5m or 15m interval trend etc. I’m referring to the force that causes each day to close above its open… day after day or vice versa. It can be called anything one likes. The key is that its real, it exists and it’s a force that I respect since it affects every facet of my trading. Im referencing the longer-term trend, because the few big moves that occur within each day regardless if the day is Trend-Day or Narrow-Range-Day will always be in the direction of the longer-term trend that is to say the bias will be in the direction of that trend. Therefore having a method of determining the This Longer term trend consistently & accurately is an important element… what you call it is not important. What’s important is to A. realize its effect on ones trading B. recognize it this phase as its occurring. Now every longer-term trend at one point will begin to exhaust, during this phase the bias begins to balance between bears and bulls. This is referred to as ranging, consolidating, MP users call this bracketing or balancing market etc… again the label is not important. A. realizing its affect on ones trading is key B. being able to recognize this phase as its occurring is key. In the beginning stages of the exhaustion phase the bias is on the side of the existing trend, but the bias might change ever slightly as the opposing sides might try to test the waters. Why is A& B important, because a trader can adjust strategy and management of trade accordingly. After this exhaustion phase we will continue the trend or correct the trend or reverse the trend. Up to this point what I have mentioned about trend is nothing new nor ground breaking, so what’s the use in mentioning it. The value can only be realized once a trader can see the affects of this trend i.e. Force on every facet of their trading. If there it is not perceived as valuable then the trader can move on. Obviously if there is value in it then finding a way to define and identify this force becomes necessity and I strongly believe once its perceived as something valuable and proper thought & focus is placed on it, its only a matter of time of being able to accurately recognize and determining the longer-term trend/force). For my style of trading I can’t fathom trading without knowing the bias of this force, I would be lost, not knowing what to do. I would see lots of entries but I wouldn’t know which have the potential of moving considerably. Off course the trend identificationis only part of the whole, but its a big slice of the pie. The next step is entry timing... for another post if time allows. Those who know me beyond these this forum, past trading chat rooms or trading pals Know that all my entries are via a 1m chart, regardless if its day trade, intraday-position-trade, long or short term swing trade. 1m is not an easy interval, it can confuse a trader about the bigger picture. One of the key elements that helps me is my long-term-trend analysis, it give me perspective. Another element is my nightly homework, during this period I figure out more then 50% of my work for the next trading session. The purpose of the nightly homework is to know the following prior to the open. -know which side of the market I will be leaning on before the market opens. -know if I will be Looking to initiate an intraday position trade only and close it before market close or if I need to initiate more contracts because I’m planning to keep the remainder as a swing trade. -know what levels are important to me and how I will react. In short a lot of the details are figures out before the opening, I don’t like to be forced to make fast decisions and the nightly prep is very helpful. By the way I forgot to mention this in my last post… regarding risk. Along side the Diversification of styles, equally as important to me is a max draw-down that is in place at all times. If the max draw-down is reached during any one session I stop trading, no exceptions. Its also worth mentioning that my max drawdown is purposely set a to equal the average profits of one trading minus 1.5 SD. I know if I reach this level in any single session then Im not in sink with the market and I call it a day. It is not very common but its not uncommon either and I don’t mind it one bit, in fact its one of my favorite parts of my risk management and very liberating. It allows me to exercise my right to control the risk of my capital for each session. Last of all, you mentioned Dissatisfaction of trading style, and I would suggest, which I think you are already doing, to look at it as glass half full situation. It precisely these moment in our trading time line that we make the biggest leaps. We have identified what we don’t like therefore we know exactly what we like…which is a good thing because its the beginning of every accomplishment. ~
  9. Simple right... and at the heart of most winning methods, you will find this simple concept as the core of their managment and yet a lot of traders dont realize this. Correct... trying to cheat volatility you will allways lose.
  10. Nice op subject DD, I believe I can relate to what you are pondering, that is to say… I had similar thoughts at some point in my trading. In the past I have used scalping, daytrading, intraday position trading, swing trading strategies. Although I was fortunate to achieve a degree of success with each strategy, There was something unsatisfying about each style in isolation. What eventually satisfied me was a Diversification of strategies, or better put Diversification of trading styles. *To me scalping is when trades are initiated with the goal of taking 1-2 ticks and a scalper will place hundreds of trade in each session and will not hold overnight. *To me daytrading is when trades are initiated with the goal of taking 1-2 points ( ES points for example or 10-20 YM points) with an average 5-10 trade in each session and will not hold overnight. *To me intraday position trading is when trades are initiated with the goal of getting positioned to and capturing the days big move 70-90% of days range, very few trades per session 1-2 trade in each session to get positioned and will not hold overnight. *To me swing trading is when trades are initiated with the goal of capturing the longer time frame swing points (Time frames of 60m or greater). There are short term & longer term swing trades and will hold positions overnight. In the process of achieving a harmony and comfort, I realized the following. -Scalping for me just did not fit my personality so that was Discarded. -Daytrading for me required that I stay glued to the screen, we never know when our trade will form-for those that trade with real money understand that if you miss one profitable trade it can have a big impact on your P&L. 2nd factor, the risk of a daytrade for me is similar to the risk of a Intraday Position trade…the difference is that intraday position trade has the potential of much larger reward. -Intraday Postion trading had most of the criteria’s that satisfied my needs with regard to span of time being in front of the screen, Risk Reward. What was lacking was A. that on some days 10%of time, Im unsure of Price Action which means I cant position myself early, thus missing the proper entry. B. By closing all my trades at session end, I was not able to exploit the positions that were the beginning of a larger multi day move. A and B caused me to combine swing trading into my trade plan. Allowing me to exploit positions that have the quality for multi day continuation. Further more, swingtrading also works as a hedge for me. On days that I fail to get positioned via Intraday postion trade style, more often then not I have swing position on that will cover this missed opportunity. The final addition is Daytrading, when and only when I have a intraday position trade on that has profits locked in I allow my self to look for some day trades. My point from all of this is, in order to for me to be satisfied I had to identify what was the source of my discomfort. Almost in all cases it was some how related with RISK, or better put unnecessary RISK. This kind of risk will cause traders anxiety and no matter how much discipline you have it will not get rid of it. I have found Strategy/Style Diversification to be one of the best ways to manage and hedge RISK. My goal was not talk about myself, and the reason for my writing to continuously reference, “Me, For Me, etc..” is this, I don’t want to make absolute statements of what Im suggesting is right for everyone while anyone trading anything different to that is wrong. I wanted to share my view of trading and managing RISK and at same time being Satisfied and Content, emotionally and mentally with ones Trading Plan/Strategy/Risk management.
  11. Guys I fixed the problem the next day after, 01/04/10, by reformatting and then running a good antivirus software to make sure nothing remained....No big deal, because like I mentioned in my OP, that it was a PC that I use only for browsing the internet. So instead of thanking all of you individualy, I will take care of it here with one big Thanks to all that tryed to help.
  12. I dont know about the "great" part, as that is subjective........ but, indeed like minds do think alike Im enjoying this converstation too, will visit back later to do some lurking. By the way, if you do decide to start over in a new thread, just mention it here in small short post.
  13. Being careful about the type of email and questionable sites is indeed a good strategy, however not applicable to all. For example, I do some consulting with traders, its something I enjoy and takes the edge off the isolation of trading. My clients are all word of mouth and when I get emails from them for the first time I need to open them, even though I dont know who they are yet. I like your suggestion about storing an image of C drive....what Imaging program do you use?
  14. I was able to install it through USB and not CD drive. Still not sure if it will solve my problem, currently Im running scan. I did want to ask this....... Do any of you guys run more then one anti software program on your PC i.e. do you have multiple anti virus software installed on your PC??? as most Anit Virus software recommend to only use one at anytime.
  15. I have not been able to get the PC to accept its installation yet. The irony is... thats what I run on all my PC's, it works great...specially with TS. I had AVAST on the PC that im having issues with...decied to test MS sec.Essntial out.
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