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  1. Hello, This is my first post I don't know how to write script and need alittle help I believe what a I want is real simple to a person who knows how to do it Basically on a 15 chart if I see 2 UP candles then a DOWN candle all in a row I want to be alerted when the 3rd candle closes Also want an alert for the reverse I use the Think or Swim Platform Sequan P.S. Thanks in advance
  2. Hello Everyone, I day trade stock and I'm looking for something to trade on the weekends. Does anyone have any ideas Thanks
  3. Hello, I was wondering how I watch the Asian Market, I believe it opens at 7pm I want to watch the Nikkei, Hang Seng & Straits Times 1. How do i find out what companies are trading over there 2. What brokers allow foreign trading 3. Does the Asian Market open up like the US market Thanks in Advance
  4. How do I find a list of stocks that have gaped up or down in pre-market? Thanks in Advance
  5. There is a 20 minute delay with their paper trading, but you can try Think or Swim
  6. I noticed when a stock breaks through a major resistance or consolidation, and has increased volume it tends to continue to go up. How do i find these stocks on the day it makes the break through? As you can see on the charts I provided, this is what I'm looking for Is there some software when I can preform a scan to find stocks that fit this criteria?
  7. Hello, Does anyone know of a site that shows what stocks have been upgraded and downgraded? I usually go to: http://www.briefing.com/Investor/Public/Calendars/UpgradesDowngrades.htm RIMM got downgraded today and was not on briefing.com, so I'm looking for another site that might have that info Thanks in advance
  8. Hello, I was looking at options house as a new brokerage account. I use Tradeking and Think of Swim right now I'm not to happy with TradeKing. The only think that concerns me with options house is that it is so cheap They have a saying, "The cheaper it is, the more you pay" Does anyone have any input on options house? Thanks in Advance
  9. Excellent Advice, you can read all the books in the world and go to 100 seminars, but you don't know nothing until you are actually doing it. I'm not saying don't learn, buy practice paper trading until you get good. When I say good, I mean focus on the technique, not the money. When you get the technique down the money will come. -Sequan
  10. I buy calls and puts usually out-of-the money Buying more contracts is fine, but sometimes I miss opportunities On those days I'm trying to figure out how to make money later in the day
  11. Hello Everyone, I primarily day trade options I'm pretty good at finding deals in the morning to trade, but after 11:00 I'm usually stuck for the day I usually sell before 11:00 I want to know how to make money after 11:00 I don't like the fact I'm staring at charts all day without knowing the proper action to take Does anyone know of a book that explains in detail how to make good trades later in the day? What I need to look for? Thanks in Advance
  12. I'm looking for streaming stock charting?
  13. Hello, I use optionsxpress for their streaming charts and I always have problems with the charts. I love the charts but they freeze up on me too much. Does anyone know where i can get access to streaming charts for a low price that have advanced features like optionsxpress? Thanks in Advance
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